Mayfair Hotel new York Luggage Storage

 Mayfair Hotel New York Luggage Storage

Mayfair Hotel New York Luggage Storage

The Mayfair Hotel New York luggage storage is only one option available to those individuals and families who are looking to store their personal items in a storage locker while they enjoy the vibrant culture and entertainment in New York City. If you want affordable, secure and high quality store locker rentals in the Manhattan area, check out Moishe’s Self Storage.

Moishe’s offers our customers a wide variety of storage options at some of the lowest prices in New York City. We have been in the storage industry for a longtime. We know storage and we know New York City. Choose a storage company that specializes in exactly that- storage!

Storage Lockers

Renting a storage locker from Moishe’s Self Storage is a convenient way to keep all of your personal belongings and valuables in a central location. New York City is a large place, and you are bound to be taking the subway all over the city. Make sure that your personal belongings are near by when you need them. With convenient locations all around the New York City and the surrounding area, Moishe’s Self Store will always have a modern storage facility located near all the popular destinations.

We not only offer convenience, we offer quality! All of our storage lockers are climate-controlled and housed within our extremely secure storage facilities. Your personal items and valuables will stay at a comfortable temperature for the duration of your stay. That way, extreme temperatures and humidity won’t damage your important documents, such as your passports and travel tickets.



We not only protect your items from environmental contaminant, our top-of-the-line security system and procedures will also keep your items safe from the hands of burglars. All of our facilities are equipped with 24/7 video monitoring, security guards and motion detectors. Mayfair Hotel New York luggage storage cannot compare to the security, quality, convenience and price of Moishe’s Self Storage.

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