Business Storage

Moishe’s Self Storage is an ideal means to keep your business organized and uncluttered. Our climate-controlled units are always protected with 24/7 security and are well suited for:

Office Storage

We can easily store and secure your out-dated computer equipment and office furniture – whether the items are no longer needed or just in the way while you’re refurbishing the office. Storing equipment and excess stock is also a simple way to expand your office capacity. Every place you have unused items stacked up is a nook or section that can seat another employee. You can increase your square footage without expanding your real estate.

Industry Solutions

If you’re in sales, Moishe’s Self Storage is perfect place for you to stow your excess stock. With our units, varying in size to accommodate all your needs, you can buy in bulk and keep your inventory completely full without overloading your office or storefront.

For A/E/C companies, our storage facilities are a great place to keep extra tools and equipment during slow seasons or nearby – in case they are needed on site in a pinch. Our facilities even offer 24 hour access if you’re working an overnight shift.

When it comes to retail, Moishe’s Self Storage is a perfect option for storing out of season items and promotional materials. We are also capable of handling stock from your store, allowing you to make the most out of your limited square footage.

Document Storage

Moishe’s sister company, GRM Document Management, has been providing quality document storage at affordable prices for more than twenty years.  GRM offers services of every kind, such as:

  • Barcoding

  • Contingency planning

  • Scanning

  • Data protection

  • Certified destruction

With GRM’s level of experience, commitment to customer service and use of only the latest technology, we can provide the best in document storage and information management for companies from every business sector.

Business and Office Relocation


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