Moishe’s Moving NYC

If you’re looking for a company to move your property as well as store it, there’s no higher quality, more affordable business than us here at Moishe’s. Moishe’s Self Storage is the greatest place to protect your property in the city, and Moishe’s Moving NYC is the only company you’ll ever want to handle your property again.

We hire kind people who are determined to do a good job. That’s the secret to our excellent customer service and swift delivery on business. We know that the city that never sleeps doesn’t take naps either, and that means getting things done when they’re asked of you.

Moishe’s Moving NYC

Moishe’s Self Storage and Moishe’s Moving NYC

Our self storage business is in Queens and the Bronx. You’ll find Moishe’s Moving throughout the city. We believe that delivering service to all of New York City should be the goal of every company. The greatest city in the world is also a fantastic community that we’re all a part of.

We have been providing moving and storage services to the city for almost 40 years now. Our company started with just a man and his truck. Through dedication, hard work, and years of experience Moishe’s is now the leading storage and moving provider to the Queens and Bronx areas.

If you’re attempting to move apartments to any borough, or just need something stored than we can get it done. Our team of trained professionals has spent decades learning how to move or store something in the best way possible.

Moishe’s Self Storage and Moving

If you need to speak with a storage advisor then contact us at (800) 536-6564 or use our contact form to determine the best storage unit for you. We’ll get you in a room that will protect your property and simultaneously save you money. Why get a bigger room when you don’t even need one?

When you need a moving service in NYC, Moishes Moving is the highest customer rated service you’ll find.  Moishe’s Moving and Self Storage company has been serving the NY tri-state area for over 30 years.  We have earned consistent five-star ratings across the board from our customers.  Whether you need a commercial or personal move, for long-distance or local moving, Moishe’s has you covered.

What is Unique about Moishes Moving and Self Storage?

Unlike other moving companies, with Moishe’s moving, you never have to deal with subcontractors or hired movers to assist you.  We are your only go-to when seeking moving and rent storage in NYC.  When you need a dedicated, professional team to take care of the job for you here in the city, call on Moishes Moving.

With nearly 40 years of trusted service, we are the Big Apple’s quintessential moving and storage company. If you don’t have time to be around for your next move or need assistance, we will pack your belongings, transport and load them into storage for you.

Moishes Moving Trucks

Something that sets us apart from other moving companies is our conscientious approach and expert care when handling your belongings.  Our team of experienced NYC movers are highly trained

NYC Moving

NYC Moving

to maneuver heavy, bulky items like sofas and pianos through narrow hallways and down winding staircases.

Our team of local New York City movers have been doing this for decades, and we’re confident you’ll discover we’re the best in town.  Hollywood film crews have long identified Moishes moving trucks with NYC.  Our Moishe’s Moving logo is synonymous with the Big Apple.  We’ve been featured on talk shows and represent the highest standard of excellence in New York City.

We are the only company here in the city that utilizes climate control in the storage cargo of all our moving trucks.  Not only for fine art and wine storage, climate control is important for preserving your expensive belongings from overheating or freezing.  Moishes Moving is the city’s premier moving and storage company.  Why settle for anything but the best?

Moishe’s 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means our customer service team will go above and beyond to ensure your moving and storage experience in the city is the easiest move you’ve made.  Feel free to reserve your move with Moishe’s today, whether personal or commercial, long distance or local.  Give us a call at your local Moishe’s Self Storage location and experience the superior quality service of Moishes Moving.  Experience the Moishe’s difference that sets us apart as NYC’s premier moving and storage company for over 30 years.


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