Moving and STorage SErvice in the bronx

 Self Storage Units in Queens

Moishe’s Self Storage knows that New Yorkers in the Bronx are moving often. If you’ve lived here in the city for any length of time, you’ve probably lost count of how many times you’ve moved.

This tradition of nomadic New Yorkers during the spring and fall is partly due to the number of students in New York City, but also the nature of real estate in the Bronx and other boroughs.

There are no truly great deals for apartments in the Bronx, because there’s just not enough space for everyone who wants to live there. That doesn’t mean you should not look for a better place however.

Who knows? You may be the lucky New Yorker that finds a spot to save some money and gain some square footage this year. If you do end up moving, that’s where we come in.

Moishe’s Self Storage is without a doubt the easiest method for moving and storage across the city. No other services come close to our professionalism at our insanely low prices. If you’d like to learn more about why we’re the best, you’ll find in the city read on.

Moishe’s Moving and Storage Facilities

Firstly, our facilities. The facilities you’ll find for storing property here in the Bronx are daunting. On one hand, the quality is never quite up to snuff. On the other, there aren’t a lot of quality options that are also affordable.

Nearly four decades ago our founder started this moving and storage company with a truck and his own two hands. Now, we’re the most affordable quality storage facility because he believed that’s what New York was missing.

Oddly enough, we’re the only facility around these days that offers moving and cold storage in a location that is easy to afford and luxury quality at the same time.

Moishe’s Customer Service

While we understand that quality facilities to store all kinds of property is a high priority for customers, we also believe customer service is the most important part of a business.

You can find our storage advisors ready to inform you the best storage and moving options for your needs. Our advisors are professionally trained and looking to give you the best unit for your property.

When you’re searching for affordable methods to store your property and you need an advisor to assist you in finding dimensions Moishe’s Moving and Storage Services have got you covered.

You won’t have to worry about finding the right sized facility, or the right price either. We know that affordability and quality is desired, and that’s what we deliver.


How to Acquire Moishe’s Moving and Storage Services

You’ll be able to get your moving and storage services easily by speaking to a storage advisor. Call (800) 536-6564 to speak with one today. You can also contact us online through our contact page.

Whenever you need to move, we’ve got a truck and a deal for you. If you’re in a studio apartment like so many New Yorkers in the Bronx, we also have the option for free pick up.

That’s right, our 5’ x 10’ storage rooms come with free pick up. We’ll send a crew to your house and make sure that they treat your property like it’s priceless.

Whether you’re moving in to the Bronx, or out of the Bronx, Moishe’s can help. It’ll also cost less than you think! Learn more here.