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 My Storage Unit Was Sold at Auction

My Storage Unit Was Sold at Auction

The realization no one wants to have: my storage unit was sold at auction.  Now what?  At Moishe’s Self Storage, like any other provider, we have to comply with state laws for non-payment of monthly storage rentals.  The customer is given a notice that puts additional lien fees on top of late payment charges.  Definitely an unenviable position, but the fees that come from goods taken from the storage unit sold at auction go towards payment of the delinquent fees.  No one wants to realize my storage unit was sold at auction nonetheless, but there are a few ways to help our customers come up with a solution.  At Moishe’s Self Storage in NYC, we send you a monthly payment reminder the day before your monthly storage rent is due.  We can also set up direct deposit so that your storage rent fee is taken out monthly from your bank. 

How to Avoid My Storage Unit Was Sold at Auction


The best way to avoid your storage rental unit being seized by the state and sold at auction is to always pay your monthly rent on time.  If you can’t afford storage fees anymore, have our team or relocation experts handle moving your things from storage back to your home or office location.  You have three days after nonpayment of your monthly rent to seize your items out of storage and take them yourself.  After three days, the state governs locking the unit and can keep all the items in your unit until the payment is made to the storage facility in full, including late charges and liens.  The worst feeling is that my storage unit was sold at auction… but photographs, passports, bills and legal documents will be returned by the person who bought the storage unit at auction to the facility.  Whoever buys a storage unit sold at auction is legally required to return personal items back to the storage facility.  At Moishe’s, we will give you advance notice of your payment due dates, and schedule them for your time you rent with us in advance.

Feel free to schedule a consultation with an account manager at the nearest Moishe’s location to you.  We will assist you in setting up a regular monthly payment schedule that works for you, with reminders, if you request them.  We guarantee our customers’ 100% satisfaction at Moishe’s, and part of that is making sure we communicate with our customers.  Speak with a storage specialist today about what options are available to make your monthly storage rental payments easier for you.