Nearest Self Storage

Are you looking for the nearest self storage to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Jersey City, or Long Island? Moishe’s Self Storage serves all of these locations by offering some of the most affordable, clean and functional storage units in NYC and the surrounding area!

Nearest Self StorageFree Pickup

That’s right, if you rent up to a 5 X 10 storage unit with a commitment of at least three months, our professionally trained movers will come to your apartment or condo, pick up your personal belongings, and transport them to one of our convenient locations all around NYC. With traffic and congestion, transporting your personal items yourself could turn into an all day activity. Let us handle the logistics!

We currently can offer this promotion to select neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens! Check out our listing or call one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives to see if your neighborhood qualifies!

Quality and Safety

All of Moishe’s Self Storage facilities are equipped with modern amenities and the most current security features. Our storage units are constructed with quality materials and are climate-controlled. This ensures that all of your personal items and valuables do not fall victim to environmental damage, such as extreme temperatures and mold.

Our storage in NYC facilities also have state-of-the-art security systems. Your storage unit will always be under the watchful eye of our closed-circuit monitors. If you are living or moving to the NYC area, Moishe’s Self Storage will most likely be the nearest self storage facility to your home, work or school. Contact us today to check our availability and prices.


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