Bedroom Furniture Storage

bedroom furniture storage

Bedroom Furniture Storage

Looking to store some of your bedroom furniture without breaking the bank? We know what you’re going through. The city has a multitude of accompanies and options available of varying sizes that all vie for your attention. The best way to be sure that you can get what you’re looking for at a price you can afford and quality that you can trust is with Moishe’s Self Storage. See the walk-in locations in the Bronx and Queens.

We know that there are ultimately many reasons that you’d want to store your bedroom furniture at the cheapest possible place that you can. But ultimately that’s not the best decision most of the time. There is a long list of reasons why cheap storage can ruin your property, especially your bedroom furniture. If you’re looking to store your furniture that is going to be in your bedroom, you need that storage unit to be clean and free from bed bugs.

When you return to pick up your bedroom furniture from a storage unit, to find bed bugs on your comforter you’re going to be extremely upset, because the property that you tried to protect ended up draining the price of your “cheap” storage room as well as the replacement of your ruined furniture. In that case, your cost and expenses can triple or even quadruple rapidly.

Store Your Bedroom Furniture in a Facility You Can Trust

Moishe’s knows that you want to be able to get the quality service that you can trust at the cost that you can afford. That’s a rare thing here in the city. Exorbitant prices plague just about every type of business. Whether it’s a hot

Bedroom Furniture Storage

Bedroom Furniture Storage

dog stand or a luxury apartment, the cost that you’re willing to pay is how much you’ll end up paying here in New York City.

Not with us. We know that your bedroom furniture is something that you’ve invested in, and if you’re storing it you want the cost of your storage to be less than the investment you’ve spent on the bedroom set! It just makes sense. So that’s why we offer specials and reliable, clean, affordable storage units of various sizes in the Bronx and Queens.

Store with the Best. Store with Moishe’s!

Call or contact us at anytime to learn about how to start storing your property inside one of our grade A storage facilities. Our advisers are ready and waiting to give you the advice you need on how to protect your bedroom furniture.

Store your bed, your blankets, your comforter, sheets, lamps, etc. with ease and convenience in our top of the line storage units. Don’t worry about bed bugs, mold, mildew and more while you’re busy moving or consolidating space. New York City is hectic enough, get storage that you can trust in a city where you didn’t know you could find it!


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