Short Term Furniture Storage

Short Term Furniture Storage

Short Term Furniture Storage

New York City is historical in many ways. Some of the apartments have architectural designs from iconic periods in America’s rise to power. Art Deco designs dot the apartment complex interior in Manhattan and crests the towering skyscrapers above the entrances to those same buildings. All the while modern sky-rises and luxurious turn of the century structures stand directly beside them.

The designs are fantastic to behold, and some even inspire magnificent photography and insanely high rent prices. While the older apartments and structures may look great, they certainly don’t bode well against some the modern building standards or health and safety codes. So, renovations and moving due to poor property management have become a regular occurrence.

When Do You Need some Short Term Furniture Storage?

If you’re doing some light renovations, or some more serious renovations you’re going to need short term furniture storage either way. While some opt to leave their property inside the apartment during a renovation it almost always ends with a furniture being damaged or tarnished in the wake of construction.

That’s where we come in with the best short-term furniture storage in the city. We manage a wide selection of different sized storage units all in clean facilities. Our customer service is unparalleled to the point of some customers questions the prices of our units after speaking with our staff.

Featured on the Today show and renewed by its kind and generous hosts, we have withstood the test of time for the past four decades. Not unlike Lebron James, who we once partnered with. Our brand has never seen the depths that some of the other storage facilities in NYC.

Short Term Furniture Storage

Short Term Furniture Storage

The constant threat of bed bugs and other issues like theft, mold, mildew and general misuse has led many New Yorkers to be extremely apprehensive about the quality of the storage units where they place their furniture for a short period of time or long.

The damage can be done extensively in a very short period, so you should always be extremely protective of your property when you’re shopping for short term storage. Moishe’s has luckily been able to dodge the apprehensive quality tests of so many other storage facilities because we always pride ourselves on the quality of our facilities and the cleanliness of individual rooms.

Store with the Best at Moishe’s Self Storage

That pride and dedication to customer service has granted us with a steady stream of five star reviews and more importantly, satisfied customers. We know that reputation is everything, and that still stands here in New York City. We believe in customer satisfaction above all else.

So whether you’re in the Bronx or Queens we’ve got you covered for short term furniture storage or long term. Just give us a call or contact us through our site.


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