Patio Furniture STorage

New York City is known for some amazing balconies. While other famous cities can also tout the same thing, none can quite amount to the amazing views that are present here in New York City. European villas have many vistas worth capturing on post cards, and while they may be rich in history none are quite as magnificent as New York City in the peak of the afternoon light.

                While those views aren’t always available, there are a staggering number of apartments in New York City with amazing patios nonetheless. The rooftop gardens that have popped up over the years certainly add to the magnificent urban landscape, but nothing beats a seat on the patio furniture in the summer time.


When Summer Ends, you Need Storage

                But like all good things, the summer time must end. When the winter comes there is almost a scheduled retraction of the patio’s decorations. Some of the less elaborate fixtures make their way inside and leave rise to a vacant table and chair set. Yet, most of the patio furniture that dots the patios and balcony’s present in New York City recedes inside when the warmth leaves the city air.

                We all know the apartments in NYC aren’t cheap, and hardly ever spacious. You’ll find the best apartments are even lacking when it comes to certain features, like reliable heat. We understand the woes of a tenant here in NYC and we offer a service to alleviate some of that stress.

                Our Patio furniture storage can assist you in the business of preventing your patio furniture storage from being destroyed by the winter winds. Your furniture is an integral part in getting the most out of your furniture, and that also includes enjoying those moments on the balcony that make the city life worth it. If you need some affordable storage to protect your peace of mind and your patio furniture than feel free to give us a call or frequent any of our spots here in the greatest city on earth.

Where to Find Us

                Our two locations for self storage are in the Bronx and Queens. Both are outfitted with a wide variety of storage options. This includes climate-controlled storage options for those patio furniture items that need that extra protection. However, all our storage facilities are top of the line in quality.

                We have been around for almost four decades now purely on our ability to satisfy New Yorkers with our business that puts the respect for the customer into every step of the process. We believe a business is an agreement to exchange services for currency…This isn’t always the case in the city.

                You can contact us by phone at (8000 536-6564 or by our online portal that you’ve already arrived at. The best way to reach an advisor is whatever way is convenient for you. We know that life is busy, and the cold is coming, but we’re here to help! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.