public storage jersey city

  Public Storage Jersey City

Public Storage Jersey City

Moishe’s Self Storage has been the industry leader in providing some of the highest quality public storage Jersey City can offer.

Residential and Commercial

Whether you are a single person moving apartments, a family looking to free up valuable living space, or a company wanting to increase your office functionality and efficiency, Moishe’s Self Storage has a storage package that is right for your situation. With a wide variety of storage unit sizes, Moishe’s can accommodate your unique storage needs at a competitive price. 

We offer both residential and commercial storage units that are secure, clean and economical. Our 10 X 20' storage units are perfect for a family or company looking to store the contents of their three to four room home, apartment or office, while making a transition between living or commercial spaces.  If you need something a little smaller, we also have a variety of sizes within the 5 X 5' to 10 X 20' unit range. Our friendly and competent representatives would love to answer any of your questions or concerns, and help you find a furniture storage unit package that meets your unique needs and budget. There are several public storage Jersey City companies, but none with the variety only available at Moishe’s.


Wine Storage

Is your Jersey City restaurant is looking to grow its wine selection, but you find your commercial space limiting? Or maybe your extra space isn't conducive to the demanding environmental factors that are needed to keep wine fresh and free from damage? Moishe’s Self Storage offers specialized units specifically for wine storage. Give your customers the wine selection they desire and deserve by taking advantage of Moishe’s state-of-the-art wine cellar storage.

Our wine storage units were constructed using cement and steel, conform to all fire and building codes, are equipped with a high-tech security system, and offer 24/7 security monitoring. Most importantly, every wine storage unit is kept at a constant 55 degrees and 70% humidity level. Our units are monitored for light levels, and all wine units were built to be vibration-free. Don’t give customers a chance to whine about your wine selection, contact Moishe’s Self Storage and ask about our prices today!