RV Storage Facility in the bronx

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Many Americans dream of owning an RV. It’s a wonderful experience that can be shared with your family across this entire great nation of ours. However, it is expensive, and the upkeep is too intensive for some.

This is why proper  RV storage is always necessary when dealing with RV maintenance and long term usage. The best thing to do is to put your RV somewhere where the effects of the weather will harm it as little as possible.

This enables your next trip to begin with little to no upkeep. When the time for traveling is upon you, your RV will agree when you store it properly.

If you’re located in the Bronx, it can be a mammoth task finding a place to store your RV, if you’re lucky enough to own one. Unfortunately, our facilities aren’t capable of storing RV’s. We can store everything else that you need for your travels easily, however.

The long list of storage companies in the Bronx is daunting, we know. However, there’s only one location that will truly protect your property, and that storage facility is our Bronx storage location.

Moishe’s Storage for Traveling RV Owners

When our company was founded almost four decades ago it started with just a man and his truck. Now, we’ve risen to the top storage facility in all of New York City.

We maintain a steady relationship with every customer that comes in our doors, because we believe that’s what is important to our business.

The profits that we make go directly into providing a better experience every year for our customer new and old alike. The average length of a customer rental with Moishe’s is four years. For all types of storage, including our Bronx warehouse & mobile storage, we're the best. 

The customer service is not the only reason that our customers stay on with us and store their RV’s year after year. There are in fact many more reasons.

First, our affordability. We are without a doubt the most affordable facility in the city. We make sure that we always hold ourselves to the standard of luxury affordable storage facility before we are a storage facility just for profits.

There are enough storage facilities in the city trying to take money from people and barely protect their property. There’s more to storage than just square footage you can put things.

Second, our dedication to quality. We always make sure that our quality checks bring to light our extensive quality choices. There’s nothing like storing with a company that makes you feel important, so we offer that to every customer free of charge.

You’ll have every storage unit that you rent with us no matter the size or duration monitored by our CCTV security system and team. We know that safety and peace of mind is important for your storage facilities, so we make sure that’s paramount to our operation.

You’ll also be able to access your RV storage anytime day or night. Our 24/7 accessibility isn’t found anywhere else in the city. You know you’re getting the best when you rent with Moishe’s because we offer you services free you can’t even pay for anywhere else.


How to Rent Storage with Moishe’s

You can contact us over the phone at (800) 546-6564 or you can find us through our free storage quote page. Either way a storage advisor will help you find the exact product that you’re looking for whether it’s storage or something simpler, we’ve got you covered no problem.

Call Moishe’s today and start renting with the best. You can also reserve your room online right away!