File Backup and Storage
fails, the other can serve as a backup. Looking for Storage New York Promotion? Click here! We often focus on storage in New York for physical items but given today’s reliance on technology
Spring Cleaning: Five Things to Purge This Weekend
needs. Purge those pesky small pieces of paper and free up some room in the drawer. Get a Storage for New Yorker deal! and Periodicals We know you really want to read the December 2015 issue of The New Yorker (about storage obviously
Storage Auctions: How they work and should you go to one?
the country? Here’s a guide to those of you interested in learning more:   How to find a New York Storage auction your goods or find local NY stores that take will sell them for you. Looking for free pickup Storage in New York City? Click here!
Spice Storage Solutions, A Roundup
that comes with could be installed on a convenient wall for easy reach. Read all New York's Storage Posts >>
Four Useful Kitchen Items that Won’t Take Up Too Much Space
If you’re the kind of person who likes whipping up meals in the kitchen, you’ve at some point spent a bit of time staring at the windows of Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma and the likes. In your fantasy, you have a large kitchen with lots of gadgets and goodies for preparing gourmet meals. In reality, you live in a small New York City apartment and have a kitchenette. So you need to be careful how you use cabinet and counter space and to that end must be diligent about the tools and utensils you’ll bring in. Here are four kitchen items that don’t take much room and ones you’ll definitely get a lot of use out of:   Immersion Blender Out with the traditional space takers and in with the immersion blenders. These handy sticks, which can be stored in a drawer, perform the functions of a regular blender. Get different attachments for them and you can even whip up smoothies with these babies. French Press If you live in the city, you don’t have room for a big coffee maker on your counter. Give that monster to a friend in the suburbs blessed with a large kitchen and get yourself a French Press sized suitable to your household—you can get one small enough to make just one cup of Joe. Manual Can Opener Most folks don’t really need a big fancy can opener. A hand held manual opener can be stored away in a drawer and will open cans just as well any sophisticated tool. Citrus Reamer This little utensil is one that is super handy but takes up little storage space. Use it to juice limes, lemons and other small citrus fruit—though we’ve even used it to juice a grapefruit or two. Looking for a Free Month of New York Storage? Click here!
Attractive Bike Storage Solutions
Knife & Saw bike shelf Many New Yorkers love using bikes to get around the city. What they don’t love is storing these modes of transport in their apartments. Bicycles often end up in living rooms, entryways and bedrooms, taking up precious floor space and looking unsightly. But there are solutions to storing these vehicles in the apartment and some of them even look pretty nice. Take a look at these attractive options we’ve assembled for you:   Wood Bike Storage This eco friendly rack made of sustainable shesham wood will take your bike off the floor and onto a wall. The Wood Bike Storage from CB2 is so handsome that you’ll be tempted to get an equally good-looking bike to match.   Outline Works Trophy Bull Bicycle Holder Get wild with a taxidermy-inspired bike rack. This black, red or yellow bull outline will hold your bike when needed and act as a piece of art when not in use. And if you’ve been following decorating blogs the last few years, you know that taxidermy-inspired art is all the rage.   The Bike Shelf The Knife and Saw rack is so elegant that you might not realize what it’s for when it’s not in use. The solid walnut or hickory rack can be used as a shelf for books, vases and knick-knacks while the slit will hold the bike. At $299, it’s not a cheap option but it sure is the most refined one we’ve seen out there.   TÎAN This walnut and white veneer bike rack comes with a drawer—did you hear us? A drawer—to hide your keys and trinkets in! At 425 Euros, the German-made Tian is not cheap but then again we promised pretty not inexpensive. We will pickup your bike to our nearest New York Storage location!
Decluttering Cosmetics and Skincare: A guide
We all have makeup and skincare that we’ve hung on to for way too long, hoping that we’d once again use a bygone lip color or eye shadow. But the truth is, we likely won’t, and probably shouldn’t (beauty products have suggested lifespans), use most of our old cosmetics. In reality, all these items are doing is taking up precious storage space in our New York City apartments. Here’s a guide on when to discard some popular beauty items:   Mascara Experts recommend getting rid of mascara after three months. Because the tube is wet and enclosed, it’s a good breeding ground for bacteria and the longer you keep this item, the higher the chances of contracting an infection like an eye sty. Eyeliner Similar to mascara, liquid eyeliners are best tossed after about three months, whereas pencil liners can be kept for up to two years. That’s because liquid liners encourage bacterial growth and pencils can be sharpened to reveal a new and clean surface. Creams and Lotions Some creams and lotions have expiration dates—such as ones containing acne medication. Pay attention to the dates to know when to toss. Products that don’t have expiration dates last six months to a year. Those in pumps can last up to a year and those containing vitamin C and retinol can degrade faster and should be kept away from sunlight and not exposed to air too much.   Eye Shadow Cream shadows can last about six months. After that point, the chance of bacterial growth goes up. Powder shadows have a shelf life of about two years. Lipstick and Lip Liners Lipsticks contain moisture and by now we know that moisture is optimal ground for bacterial growth. So at around two years, it’d best to toss these items. You can keep pencils longer than two years, however. Blush You can keep most blushes anywhere between one to two years. Again, cream blushes will need to be tossed closer
Living in a Small Apartment or Studio
other.   Rent Storage Self-storage units are abundant in New York City. For a small monthly fee you can
Six Ways for Businesses to Use Storage Units
ways you can use storage units for your business:   Inventory In New York City, commercial rents are
Five Coffee Tables with Storage
even further by finding ones that function as storage furniture as well. This will allow New Yorkers
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Self Storage Security New York, NY
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