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 Secure Lock Self Storage

Secure Lock Self Storage

When you’re seeking the most secure lock self storage, what do you expect to find?  An unbreakable lock for storage?  Unfortunately, over the decades Moishe’s has been serving NYC, we’ve discovered that doesn’t exist.  We have been New York City’s leading storage provider for over 30 years.  In those few decades here in the city, we have seen many issues people have in NYC with their storage facilities.  Moishe’s is consistently rated 5-stars because not only do we anticipate your needs, we know how to make your rent storage experience better.  How do we do that?

First, Moishe’s provides each of our customers our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  It’s our promise to you that our dedicated team will always go above and beyond your expectations for customer service.  From our custodians who daily clean our facilities, to our 24/7 security officers, account managers and experienced NYC relocation experts, we are all here to serve you, the customer, at all times.

The Cleanest Facilities in NYC with Secure Lock Self Storage

Not only do all our units come climate-controlled, our custodial staff cleans each of our storage facilities daily.  When you come into a Moishe’s storage facility, you’ll be amazed by how clean, open and spacious our facilities are.  Moishe’s is NYC’s premier provider—assuring your storage experience with us will always be one that’s top notch.  At Moishe’s, not only are you getting 24-hour access to your storage unit, one of our patrol officers is always available to escort you to and from your unit door, any time of day or night. 

What’s the Most Secure Lock Self Storage?  Moishe’s CCTV Recording System

We utilize CCTV recording in all our hallways with 24/7 monitoring by our patrol team. 


Essentially, what you’re seeking when you look for the most secure lock self storage is protection against theft.  If you do a quick YouTube search, what you’ll unfortunately pull up is many people showing you how to use bolt cutters on any padlock of a storage unit.  When you’ve got other NYC storage facilities offering 3 rounds of security a day, how easy will it be for someone to wait until night to cut your secure lock self storage?

As NYC’s leading storage provider, Moishe’s Self Storage wants to protect your items from theft.  That’s why we utilize constant patrols and CCTV recording camera systems in every hallway, monitored 24/7.  The same security banks use is what you deserve in your storage facility.  We also utilize security checkpoints, state-of-the-art burglar alarms, motion detectors and the latest fire suppression technology.  Your belongings deserve nothing but the best security features in NYC storage.

Feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our account managers today or stop by and experience the Moishe’s difference for yourself.  We guarantee you will never go back to thinking a secure lock self storage is the only security you need!  One of our account managers is available from 7AM-7PM on weekdays and 8AM-5PM on weekends.  We will be happy to help you estimate the storage size you’ll need.  With over 20 different unit sizes available, including customizable space, we’re sure to have the perfect fit for all your personal or commercial storage needs at Moishe’s.