Storing Luggage

Ahhh, luggage, necessary items but hard to find room for in our tiny New York City apartments. They are often big and bulky and hard to hide away. But here are some ways you can store your luggage:

Self-storage Unit

If you rent a storage unit, you have an easy solution for putting away your suitcases and bags post travel. If not, and if you have other stuff taking up space, you might want to consider getting yourself a small unit. Though you might think you don’t need it, you’ll be surprised at how much more breathing room you’ll have around the home.


Above the Kitchen Cabinets

You know that space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling? The one you never use? Well, you can put your suitcase up there and if it’s an attractive suitcase it could even look like a decorative item.


Under the Bed

It’s easy to slip a suitcase or a bag under the bed. If you have room, this is an obvious solution. If your bed is too low you might consider bed risers.


As a Side table

Stack several hard suitcases, especially pretty ones, and you got yourself a nightstand, or a side table. You can also use them as storage when not traveling.


Inside a Closet

Another obvious place to store luggage is inside the closet. Once again, you can fill the contents of the bags with items already in the closet, essentially freeing up room for your bags. You can also pack smaller suitcases inside your large ones.


Behind a Sofa

If possible we like having our large furniture pieces, like couches, a little bit away from the wall. If you’re like us, use that space to slide in a suitcase or two.