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For over thirty years, Moishe’s Self Storage has provided exceptional moving and storage services in New York City and surrounding metropolitan areas. Because our company was founded in NYC, Moishe’s has tailored its offerings to meet the unique needs of New Yorkers. From free pickup to Storage on Demand, let Moishe’s make the move to your new storage unit as stress free as possible.

Knowing the Market

self storage service

New Yorkers are famous for many things: thick skin, a quick pace, and a working knowledge of the subway system. But they’re perhaps most well known for their ability to work and live within a small space. New York City apartments are famous for their measly square footage, and residents are renowned for their ability to survive and thrive in a living space slightly larger than a shoe box.

In addition to tight living quarters, some apartments have even tighter hallways, making it tricky to maneuver furniture or large items into your place. And if your building lacks a service elevator, residents living north of the second floor need to deal with tight, steep walk-ups. While David Schwimmer’s character on Friends may demonstrate the difficulty in trying to “pivot” a couch up a flight of stairs, it’s not nearly as funny when it’s happening to you.

That’s why Moishe’s has come up with a number of self storage services that were designed specifically to overcome obstacles that most New Yorkers need to tackle. Moving items to storage is stressful enough. Let Moishe’s make the move even easier.

Free Storage Pickup Service

A true New Yorker can be spotted by the tread on their shoes. Hoofing it dozens of city blocks to shop, work and eat is no issue for natives. And with subways, taxi cabs, Ubers and buses, there’s no reason to own a car. Especially when you consider all the extra headaches that come along with car ownership, like maneuvering through bumper-to-bumper traffic or paying big bucks every month for a parking space. Most city-dwellers can get through each day without the convenience of a personal car. However, there are certain times when owning your own set of wheels could come in handy. Like, for instance, when you want to move a precious piece of furniture into storage for safe keeping. Lugging a cherished chest of drawers or a well-loved loveseat through crowded subways or busy sidewalks is a nightmare. And don’t count on any cab being able to accommodate such large pieces either!

That’s why Moishe’s Self Storage offers free pickup services to any of their storage facilities. If you commit to at least three months of storage – in any size unit up to a 5’ x 10’ room – Moishe’s professional team of movers will come to your apartment and pick up your stuff for free! Our team services all five NYC boroughs, and will handle your items with care as they transport them to your storage unit. Don’t stress about how to get your antique armoire safely into storage – trust the tried and true experts at Moishe’s to do it for you!

Storage on Demand

If there’s one thing New Yorkers are known for beyond their small apartments, its their busy schedules! A New York minute is precious time, and not everyone has it to spare. That’s why Moishe’s also offers a comprehensive Storage on Demand service. For the same price as traditional storage, you can take advantage of this concierge service where our professional team takes care of every aspect of the moving process for you!

The only time you need to lift a finger is to dial 800-536-6564 and schedule your Storage on Demand. Our professional movers will come to your apartment or business and carefully pack up your belongings. We’ll then load your items onto our trucks and transport them to your preferred Moishe’s storage facility. We even load them into your storage unit! Whenever you’re ready to retrieve your items, just give us a call and we’ll deliver them right to your doorstep. Save time, money and hassle by hiring Moishe’s to help with your entire storage process.

New York City’s Preferred Self Storage Service Provider

Moishe’s is more than just a New York staple – we over lots of other reasons to stow your stuff with us.

Safe & Secure

When you stow your stuff at Moishe’s, you can rest assured that your items are in safe hands. In addition to our state-of-the-art security cameras, motion detectors and alarm systems, we employ constant patrols to ensure that the only person getting their hands on your stuff is you. We also have the latest in fire-suppression technology to keep your stuff safe from the elements.

Great Value

We’re not just the most affordable storage provider in the city (with units starting as low as just $29 per month!) we’re also the greatest value. Our units boast impressive 8’ ceilings and offer you more space for your dollar. And with our great services, safety measures and even climate-controlled rooms available, get the best bang for your buck with Moishe’s.

But to sweeten the deal, be sure to check out our available specials. Right now, if you commit to at least three months of storage, you’ll not only qualify for free pick up services, but your first month will be free! If you stay an extra four months, you’ll get 50% off. And if you refer a friend to Moishe’s, we’ll give you a $50 credit to be applied to your next bill. It pays to stay with Moishe’s!

Business Storage Available

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At Moishe’s, our largest standard unit offers over 200 square feet of available storage space. But if you need more space, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can accommodate any size storage need. Whether you need a place to store old office equipment or an entire restaurant’s collection of wine, we’ve got the space to fit your needs.

In addition to large commercial units, Moishe’s also offers business space for rent! If you need a designated office space but don’t want to compete for commercial real estate, rent space at Moishe’s. Our Jersey City location offers a variety of units that can be used to run your business. Electricity and internet connection can be made available upon request.

Professional Movers

When you hire Moishe’s professional movers to help pack up your belongings for storage, that’s exactly who you’re working with. We never hire third-party movers to complete our jobs. All of our movers are highly-skilled and trained in-house using a system we’ve perfected over thirty years. And all of our foreman have had to complete at least 250 hours of moving – in addition to exhibiting exceptional supervisory skills – before they can be promoted to team leaders.

Specialized Equipment

Our personnel aren’t the only things that we consider special. Moishe’s owns a fleet of 50 specialized trucks to ensure that you always have the right vehicle for your move. Many of our trucks are equipped with specialized features, like lift gates with a 2,000 lb capacity; multiple doors for easy loading and unloading; a narrow-width design to maneuver through tight city streets; and ramps and wheel wells to easily move heavy furniture.

Moishe’s also owns all standard tools and supplies necessary for a safe move to storage. We can provide Masonite boards, carts, dollies, hooks, and strap kits. We even have a supply of clean, corrugated cardboard boxes for sale! Order through our site and we’ll deliver them to you for free!

Self Storage Experts

When it comes to storage items in New York City, nobody has the experience, tools or professionals like Moishe’s Self Storage. Our storage services have been carefully cultivated around the needs of native New Yorkers, and we pride ourselves on our three decades of superior service. If you’re ready to free up some space in your home or business, contact the experts at Moishe’s Self Storage today!


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