Self Storage Staten Island NY Vs. Moishe’s Self Storage

 Self Storage Staten Island NY

Self Storage Staten Island NY

When you’re seeking Self Storage Staten Island NY, what you’re seeking is a facility that closes around 7PM.  Why not pay the same price for a 24-hour unit with climate control and round-the-clock security officers?  Moishe’s Self Storage offers you this and more.  We are the NY tri-state area’s leading premier storage facility.  We offer the cleanest, affordable rooms with the most security features in the city.

When you’re seeking not only 24-hour access but you want security at night if you need to access your unit, Moishe’s is the choice for you.  When you think about self storage, most customers don’t consider the value they’re getting for their money.  What happens if another tenant spends the night in their storage unit and gets out a pair of bolt cutters after hours?  You can file a police report, but without cameras to prove who the culprit is, very little else can be done.


The Moishe’s Security Difference: We Provide You Peace of Mind


At Moishe’s, our round-the-clock patrol officers are available to assist you, any time of day or night.  We utilize CCTV recording cameras in every hallway with constant surveillance.  We provide the highest level of security of any storage facility you’ll find in the NYC metro area.  Moishe’s uses motion detectors, security checkpoints, the latest in fire suppression technology and state-of-the-art burglar alarms.  Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means the customer is always right; we will assist you whenever you need.  Will Self Storage Staten Island NY offer you that?

Our team of custodial staff works hard daily to clean our facilities from top to bottom.  You won’t find a cleaner storage space for a more affordable price anywhere in the metro NYC area.  Self Storage Staten Island NY might be a closer location, but which storage provider will offer you the best value for your money?  At Moishe’s, we are open 24/7, a security patrol is always available to assist you.  Feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our account managers today.  Moishe’s Self Storage is the NY tri-state area’s largest storage provider since the 1980s.  Trust the best with Moishe’s today.