Small storage Rental

 Small Storage Rental

Small Storage Rental

Moishe’s Self Storage has small storage rental options as well as commercial large storage. We have accumulated and maintained facilities for close to four decades under the pretense that we would be able to store property for everyone in the city. Our facilities are capable of holding wine storage, dorm room furniture, and sensitive documents. That’s not even the start of what we tailor or rooms for. If you’re in the market for a small storage rental then there’s a room for you at one of our locations

Moishe’s Small Storage Rental

A small storage rental like a 5’ x 10’ unit is great for storing everything in a studio apartment. You can fit a mattress, a dresser, a desk, and some other property inside. The best way to make sure your small storage rental is quality however, is to go with Moishe’s Self Storage. We provide a service that’s hard to top in the country, and impossible to top in New York City. We’ve been around for almost 40 years providing every customer that walks in our doors with premium service and whatever size storage rental they need. 

If you’ve been burned in the past by other storage facilities offering small storage rentals with the “cheapest storage” in the city, then you’ve made the right choice coming to us. Our customer base sees nothing but 24/7 regularly maintained facilities with top of the line customer service. Every facility is climate controlled and monitored 24/7 by our CCTV system and security team. We believe your property should be safe as well as yourself while you access your small storage rental. 


Moishe’s Self Storage

If you’re interested in a small storage rental that will fulfill your quality assessment then call in today at (800) 536-6564 to receive a free consultation from one of our professionals. You can find any of our locations here on our site or contact us online as well. Start renting your small storage rental today and discover why so many New Yorkers choose Moishe’s over the competition.