Storage Facilities NJ

 Storage Facilities NJ

Storage Facilities NJ

NJ has some great storage facilities, as the service so many residents. Some specialize in business storage, others specialize in college student accessibility. If you’ve gotten tired of deciphering through the storage facilities NJ has to offer, then we’ve got the facility for you. Moishe’s Self Storage Facilities NJ are held to the same standard that the facilities throughout New York City are held to. That’s for a few very simple reasons. The first being our ability to serve every customer that walks in our doors.

The Best Storage Facilities NJ has Ever Seen

We service high profile art dealers who need to store their fine art collections, as well as college students that need their mattress stored while they travel for the summer. The difference in our clientele is astounding, and it’s a result of our very high bottom line in terms of quality. We ensure that every room is climate controlled and maintained consistently. If you’re storing your property, you expect it to be safe right? Well the service doesn’t end there.

We monitor every facility and storage room with 24/7 surveillance through a CCTV systems and on-site security staff. That means you’re safe while you access your storage room any time of day, as we’re open 24/7 for you! Obviously, if you’re property is expensive and we determine you may need specialized storage we offer that as well. However, as a rule, everyone’s property is safe in Moishe’s Self Storage facilities NJ.


Moishe’s Self Storage Facilities NJ

Moishe’s Self Storage has the best Storage Facilities NJ has to offer. Whether you’re looking to store your college dorm room furniture or your thriving businesses excess inventory we can get you in a room that won’t break the bank. Our service has carried the company through almost 40 years of New York City competition. We’ve expanded across the city to service every borough with the same security and quality that we always have. Call us today at (800) 536-6564 to find your new storage facilities NJ!