Storage Facility

Storage Facility

Storage Facility

Living in Queens, there are a wide variety of storage options available. Due to the nature of real estate in the city, just about everybody must encounter a storage facility sooner or later. When using some of the more low-quality storage facilities available property is often damaged or stolen.

Moishe’s Self Storage has long been a leading provider of storage in Queens due to our top of the line storage facility there. We know that low costs are what become the deciding factor for many customers. An affordable cost doesn’t have to mean that you sacrifice quality.

Moishe’s Self Storage has been the leading provider of storage in NYC for almost four decades now, and our Queens location has benefited from every year since it’s inception.

We only improve, and if you’re curious as to how we’ve maintained the top spot for so long, read more to learn about our Queens storage facility and its services.

Moishe’s Queens Storage Facility

While we make sure that every customer has storage, we also make sure that storage is premium quality and simultaneously affordable.

This is done by outfitting every storage unit with top of the line security and climate controlled storage. When dealing with property that is delicate or could be damaged by an environment that is unsuitable Moishe’s excels.

We’ve long held fine art in museum like conditions in our facilities, as well as dorm room  furniture and other similar appliances. The best thing about Moishe’s is our ability to exceed expectations all within a price that doesn’t exceed your budget.

Moishe’s Queens Storage Facility is the most affordable luxury storage option in New York City by a long shot. We’re also the highest rated storage company in Queens, so it’s a no brainer, especially when you see how low our prices are.

Our Queens Facility has Accessibility and Security

Storage Facility

Storage Facility

On top of premium storage options for a not so premium price, we also make sure that every customer has around the clock accessibility and security. You’ll be able to find the best security in the city at no cost to you.

That’s right, us around the clock CCTV security system and team allows for every storage unit in our Queens self-storage facility to be monitored and protected.

When it comes time for you to deposit or retrieve property from those safe storage rooms, you can do so in peace with our free 24/7 accessibility.

Many other facilities in NYC and Queens won’t allow you to even pay for the services that we offer for free. That’s because we believe in giving the best storage services to the residents of the best city in the world.

How to contact our storage facility here in Queens

You can find us at 833 40th Avenue Ste 101 Long Island City, NY 11101. Or, if you’d like to speak with a storage adviser and find out how to save money on your storage request today call (800) 536-6564. Submit on online contact request form if you wish, and a storage adviser will be in touch with you shortly.

We’ve been in the storage facility business for almost four decades, we know what we’re doing. Start renting smart, and rent with our Queens Self Storage Facility today.


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