Storage For Small Apartments

Moishe’s Self Storage has been serving the New York City and surrounding tri-state area for the last 30 years. We offer residents affordable and high quality storage for small apartments, large corporations and everything in-between.

NYC Living

Living in NYC can be difficult and expensive! With limited room and cramped living spaces, you have to be smart about the functionality of your belongings. Before you know it, clutter can start to make you feel like you are not living in an apartment, but a cardboard box!

Let Moishe’s Self Storage help you reclaim your living space for living, by renting a small storage unit to store all your infrequently used items, such as holiday decorations, seasonal clothing and party dinnerware.

Small Space, Large Living

Think of Moishe’s storage units as an extension of your apartment. Stop standing in front of a closet that is overflowing with your personal items and wishing you had more space. Moishe’s Self Storage offers a variety of storage unit sizes that provide great furniture storage for small apartments. Our 5 X 5′ storage units were made to make small apartment living easier, and can comfortably fit boxes packed full of your seasonal clothes, as well as a few pieces of small furniture.

Living in a small NYC apartment comes with its own challenges. Let us carry some of that burden by helping you find a storage unit that is right for your lifestyle, individual needs and financial situation. Finding storage for small apartments is made easy with Moishe’s. Make the most of your apartments’ functionality by contacting Moishe’s Self Storage.


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