Storage Solutions for small apartments

  Storage Solutions For Small Apartments

Storage Solutions For Small Apartments

We’ve all been there before. The first apartment is always small. There’s a noisy neighbor, the sink leaks, and however many other inconveniences that seem to come uniform for every small apartment in New York. However, there’s nothing that beats living in the city. You come to make the most of your situation. You grow to love the noisy neighbor, and you decide to start looking for storage solutions for small apartments.

Moishe’s Self Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

A small apartment is a canvas. The most innovative and driven New Yorkers begin organizing and consolidating space to ensure their experience is streamlined. Others start living more simply, and staying outdoors more. No matter what type of New Yorker you are, you’re going to run into the glaring issue. You need some self storage solutions for small apartments. Lucky for you, Moishe’s Self Storage is here to help. Whether it’s an extra closet or much more than that we’ve got you covered.

Before you decide to go for the cheapest possible self storage solutions for small apartments you can find, we’d like to inform you what you get by paying just a little extra. Your cheap self storage solution will barely have a lock, will only be accessible at certain times of day, and will endanger your property. There have been many news reports on cheap storage and bed bug infestations. New York is so stricken with the pests in the first place, it can be difficult to get rid of them entirely. Moishe’s storage in NYC is different.


Why Moishe’s?

We recommend you choose Moishe’s because we’re the best. Those issues with cheap storage we mentioned above don’t happen with us. We provide state of the art climate controlled facilities and 24/7 security camera monitoring for every unit self storage room of every size. That goes for all of our locations as well. If you’re really pinching pennies, we also recommend you go for a 5’ x 10’ storage room for three months. If you do, you get free pick up and it’s a perfect size for your studio apartment. Contact us by phone at (800)-536-6564 or online here.