Storage Unit With Lock

Looking for a storage unit with lock? You may be selling your property short. What if we told you that Moishe’s Self Storage is offering monitored self storage rooms with locks.

You’d probably assume that it was going to cost a fortune right? Wrong, Moishe’s Self Storage is the most affordable self furniture storage facility in the city and there’s more than one reason why. If you’re looking for more than a storage unit with lock, than Moishe’s has got you covered. We won’t even break the bank in the meantime.

Storage Unit With LockMoishe’s Self Storage Unit With Lock

Of course we believe that every storage unit with lock is necessary. However, we also think that the lock is not nearly enough. A simple storage unit with lock will only stop the laziest of thieves. A pair of bolt cutters is all that stands between them and you’re storage unit with lock insides. Moishe’s Self Storage has been creating safe storage environments for close to 40 years, and a lock is not enough.

That also means that we monitor those storage unit with lock for the entire time that we’re open. We use a CCTV system to ensure that no one breaks into any storage unit, and if they somehow manage to do so, they’re leaving in cuffs. Self Storage unit with lock is a good start, but why not spend just a few extra dollars a month and store your property with peace of mind.

Moishe’s Self Storage

Call or click to contact a storage advisor with your storage unit with lock questions today. We know that a lock is a lovely thing to have, but why not go with a company that has a lock on the entire process. Go with Moishe’s, and stop worrying about self storage near me. Our number is (800) 536-6564, and you can reserve your room here if you choose to do so today.


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