storage units co op city vs. moishe's self storage

 Storage Units Co Op City

Storage Units Co Op City

When you compare the rates and services that come with storage units Co Op City and those of Moishe’s, there is no question which is the better option.  When you’re seeking clean, affordable, climate-controlled storage space with 24/7 security and CCTV recording cameras in every hallway, call on Moishe’s.  We provide commercial and residential storage with temperature, humidity and light controlled storage units for museums, private collectors and art galleries in the NY tri-state area.  You never have to worry if your storage situation is unsafe when yours is with Moishe’s.  Our round-the-clock security patrols work to ensure not only the safety of your belongings, but your safety as well.

Not only does Moishe’s Self Storage offer you 24-hour access to your unit, 7 days per week, if you are a resident of the 5 NYC boroughs, we provide free pick up services for up to a 5x10’ space, with a 3-month storage commitment.  Our driver will send out one of our climate-controlled moving trucks and our team of relocation experts to load your belongings and move them into storage for you at no extra cost.  Why waste your time and effort moving your things into storage when our team of expert NYC movers will do the job for free?  Call (800) 536-6564 to schedule your free pick up today. 

What Moishe’s Self Storage Offers than Storage Units Co Op City Does Not


At Moishe’s, not only do we provide your first month rent free, but we provide the same rates as storage units Co Op City for climate-controlled storage and moving services with 24-hour access, round-the-clock security patrol services, and CCTV recording cameras in every hallway of our space.  We also utilize state-of-the-art burglar alarms, security checkpoints, motion detectors and the latest in fire suppression technology.  The next time you’re considering using storage units Co Op City, consider a quote from Moishe’s first.  When you step into one of our five convenient metro NYC locations, into our pristinely clean, spacious double elevators leading up to every floor of our storage space, we’re confident you’ll experience the Moishe’s difference. 

Feel free to contact an account manager today for your free consultation.  With over 20 storage sizes available, as well as customizable space, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for all your storage needs at Moishe’s.