Storing Bikes

 Storing Bikes

Storing Bikes

Storing bikes in the city seems like it would be an easy and simple process, when in fact it’s the opposite. There are millions of other New Yorkers storing bikes all at the same time. The process can be a hassle. Instead of giving up and walking, taking a cab, or other more expensive alternatives, many New Yorkers have found a solution for storing bikes. Storing bikes with Moishe’s Self Storage is the easiest and quickest way to streamline your daily bicycle commute.

Storing Bikes with Moishe’s

Storing bikes is difficult simply due to the same reason everything else in New York City is difficult, space. There’s just not enough space and as a result there’s amazingly high prices for everything that needs to be “reserved.” At Moishe’s Self Storage, you can easily be storing bikes and saving money on your commute and furniture storage at the same time. If you’re curious as to why you should choose Moishe’s over anyone else, our extra features are a real easy sell for most of our customers. Don’t worry however, our service doesn’t end there.

For example, we store your property easily with our concisely cleaned and maintained storage facilities. You’ll have no problem navigating with our excellent customer service professionals there to help. Storing bikes needs to be quick and easy, so let our storage advisors you need a small storage room near your commute’s beginning and end. That way no matter what time of day it is you’ll be able to grab your bike and go.

We also make sure that your property is safe with us 24/7. We monitor every facility and storage room with our CCTV security system and staff. Under no circumstances should you feel unsafe in our facilities, or wary of leaving your property in them. The same cannot be said for other facilities.


Moishe’s Self Storage

If you want to start storing with us today call or click (800) 536-6564. End your search today for self storage units near me, and start bike storing with a professional company. We’re not the type of company to not offer you specials either!