The 8 types of wine openers, and 3 unconventional ones

The 8 types of wine openers, and 3 unconventional ones

The best wines need the best wine opener or corkscrew. We’ve put together a list of the most popular types of openers. If you have one you generally use but want to branch out, consider trying a new one.

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Waiter’s corkscrew

waiters friend wine corkscrew

The simplest and most popular bottle opener that most wine-lovers like is the waiter’s corkscrew. Use the small knife to cut the foil around the top of the bottle (be careful!). Screw it in the top into the cork, place the fulcrum on the corner of the bottle’s lip, and apply leverage to pull the cork and out of the bottle.

BONUS: In a pinch and need a corkscrew? Consider the pocket corkscrew.

Wing corkscrew

wing corkscrew wine opener

Similar to the one above, the Wing Corkscrew opens a bottle by screwing in the metal worm into the cork then lowering both wings down to pop the cork out. The pressure against the top “O” on top of the bottle pushes against the pressure of the screw, thus opening the bottle.

Twist and pull corkscrew

twist and pull corkscrew

The simplest and sleekest — and hard to use — is the twist and pull corkscrew. Just like it sounds, screw the worm into the cork and pull. This one takes a little strength to accomplish.

Bunny Ear corkscrew

bunny ear corkscrew

In the same family as the two above is the Bunny Corkscrew. Raise the handle so the lever is facing out and the worm is up. Secure the bottle with the “ears” in place for the worm to lower on top. As you pull the handle back, the worm enters the cork. Secure the “ears” and pull the handle back again. POP! The cork comes out.

Tabletop corkscrew

tabletop wine opener

The biggest and the most expensive on the list is the tabletop corkscrew. It’s easy to use, but hard on the wallet and counter space. Place the bottle under the hole and pull the lever down so the worm enters the cork. Pull up to open the bottle.

Electric wine opener

electric wine opener

Maybe the most user-friendly and coolest on the list is the electric wine opener. Simply place the opener overtop the bottle, press the button to lower the worm, then press the reverse button to pull out the cork.

Ah-So Cork puller

ah so cork puller

Probably the strangest looking — and hardest to use — wine opener is the Ah-So cork puller. This is the opener of choice if you have a bottle of wine that’s 10+ years old or if you have a rotting cork.

Use it by first inserting the large prong between the cork and bottle then the smaller prong next. Then, shimmy in the two prongs between the cork and bottle. Take your time because you could push the cork in the bottle. Once all the way in, slowly twist and pull to bring out the cork.

Air Pressure pump

air pressure wine opener

Use air pressure to open a bottle of wine by inserting the needle into the cork and pumping the lever to increase the pressure inside the bottle. The air pressure will build and open the bottle.

What if you don’t have a corkscrew or anther wine opener?

Well, here are 3 unconventional ways to open a bottle:

NOTE: We have not tried these alternatives ourselves. PLEASE use caution if trying at home.

With fire

Burn beneath the cork on the neck of the bottle. The heat from the fire will expand the air below the cork and release it from the bottle.

With a bicycle pump

Insert the needle into the cork and pump! Like the air pressure pump above, the air pressure will increase and release the cork.

With keys

Poke the edge of the cork with a key and slowly twist and pull out. The cork will come out with a little determination!

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