u Storage Units

  U Storage Units

U Storage Units

If you’re looking for the best U Storage Units, Moishe’s has the highest quality in New York City. Our storage service is based on Self Storage, also known as U storage. With the freedom and independence New Yorkers demand on a day to day basis, there’s no reason storage should be any different. The greatest city on Earth has much to offer in terms of convenience, and Moishe’s U Storage is no difference.

Self Storage, Or U Storage Units

Moishe’s U Storage state of the art facilities is home to many varied sizes of U storage units. These range from small mini storage compartments to large rooms, and specialized storage in NYC. The best thing about Moishe’s is the height of our bottom line. Every self storage, or U storage unit is climate controlled and maintained. You’ll receive nothing but peace of mind while renting with Moishe’s Self Storage, and that’s only the beginning.

If you’re in the market for U storage units only, just let our staff know. We are consistently reviewed at five stars, and that means leaving you along to store your own property as you choose. In terms of safety, all of our units are monitored 24/7 by a CCTV system and security team. There’s no reason to be looking over your shoulder as you access your own property day or night.


Where You Can Find Moishe’s U Storage Units

All of our units have the option for our moving crews to assist you, but standard rates are our U storage units option. The prices differ as the sizes go up, so it’s important to determine what size room you want. If you’re unsure and would like some assistance, we offer free consultations to any customer. Not only do your get premium service at an affordable rate, we have trained our staff to know which room will save you the most money. To get in contact with a storage advisor today please call (800)-536-6564.

To find the self storage places nearest you browse our locations page here, or fill out online form to get a quote through an online correspondence.