Using a seasoned humidor is the best way to store your cigars at home

Using a seasoned humidor is the best way to store your cigars at home

So you just bought some tasty cigars and want to store them. There are a few ways to do it without a humidor, but a properly seasoned humidor at the right temperature and proper humidity is the way you should do it.

The temperature should be between 60-72 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity between 60-70 percent.

Proper temperature and humidity will fight against molding, dry tobacco, and cigar beetles.

Here’s the proper way to store cigars at home:

Using a seasoned humidor is the best way to store your cigars

If you have a new one, here are the steps to properly use and season a humidor:

1. Properly seasoning a humidor

Here are the simple steps to seasoning:

  • Fill a bowl with distilled water. Simply fill a bowl with distilled water to wet the inside of the box.
  • Use a rag or microfiber cloth. Use a cloth to dampen the wood inside the humidor. Be sure to get all the corners and dividers, too.
  • Let sit for 30 minutes. When all is coated, let sit closed for 30 minutes. This allows the water to seep into the wood.

2. Bring in the humidity

Now that the box is seasoned, it’s time to bring in the humidity. Here’s how:

  • Put in a 69 percent Boveda pack to regulate humidity. You want it to be between 60-72 percent humidity at all times.
  • Put in a hydrometer and thermometer. Regulate the humidity and temperature in the humidor with a hydrometer and/or thermometer — check it regularly to make sure it’s at the proper levels.
  • Let sit for a few hours. To make sure everything is working properly, let sit for a few hours and check regularly before putting in cigars.

3. Your humidor is ready to be used

Once the humidor is seasoned and you brought in the humidity, it’s time to use the humidor. Here are some tips as you store:

  • Don’t overfill the box. Allow the stored cigars to “breath” among the others in the box. Stuffing them too tight may make it hard for them to get new air.
  • Don’t let cigar beetles infiltrate. The wrong humidity and the wrong temperature can cause dreaded cigar beetles, which can ruin your entire collection.
  • Check check check. Routinely check your box of cigars — about once a week — for proper temperature, humidity levels, and cigar beetles. Too much humidity and they begin to mold, too little and they dry out.

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