Wine Storage Facility in the Bronx

New Yorkers love wine, and the Bronx is no exception. With the amazing cultural span of the Bronx, New York has become a world class destination for wine. With so many customers, wine stock and therein storage must increase.

With Moishe’s Self Storage, we make sure that we maintain our climate-controlled wine storage to the highest level. If you’re looking for a Wine Storage Facility in Bronx, we’ve got you covered.

The astounding storage capability we have extends to our storage facility in the Bronx. Many of our customers use our wine storage facility for their own personal collection as well. Whatever your wine storage needs, we have a storage unit for you.

wine storage facility bronxMoishe’s Wine Storage Facilities

While we have a long history of providing all types of storage to New Yorkers, we have specialized units specifically made to handle the conditions wine storage requires. While it may be a simple case of a chilled room with some wine shelving in some instances, in others it is not.

The consistent high quality of our wine storage facilities is what allows us to confidently store all types of wine. Our storage advisors are professionally trained to be able to handle whatever storage requests are thrown at them.

This all begins at the base level of quality that we offer to every storage customer.

First, we ensure every storage unit is climate controlled and handled with the utmost care. Moishe’s Bronx wine storage facilities have never been a part of the bed bug storage fiascos, and we intend to stay that way. So, when you rent with Moishe’s, you rent with professionals.

Second, we make sure our Bronx facility and storage unit are accessible 24/7 only by the people that have been deemed its owners. Your storage rental will be open to you any time day or night, and you’ll be safe with our security staff monitoring the facility through CCTV cameras. Not another facility in the Bronx or NYC will offer that kind of protection.

Moishe’s Customer Service and Attention to Detail

When a customer decides to start renting wine storage in Moishe’s facilities we ensure that our storage advisors ask a series of questions that inform the specifications of the storage units used to store the wine.

The last thing that we would do at Moishe’s is throw every type of wine into a generic climate control facility. If you require specialized storage, we’ve got you covered.

At times, the wine storage needed is not extremely specialized. These cases are not an issue for our facilities either, as affordability is a main tenet of our company.

The original goal of our founder was to provide storage for anyone in New York City that needed it, and that goal still stands today.

We make sure that once you store with Moishe’s Self Storage, you’ll always store with Moishe’s. The average length of our customers storing with us is four years, because we provide service that people trust and keep coming back to.

How to Rent Wine Storage with Moishe’s Facility’s

You’ll find us through our website, where you can contact a storage advisor with your wine storage needs. Find the best storage at the best price online or over the phone at (800) 536-6564. You know you’re getting quality when you go with Moishe’s, because Moishe’s knows wine storage.


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