25 things you should know before moving to NYC

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“What should I know about NYC before moving there?” Moving anywhere new can be scary and hard. It’s best to plan for your move before starting the process, but there are times when moving has to happen fast. If you make the jump to New York City, there are a few things you should know. […]

11 common mistakes tourists make when visiting NYC for the first time

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1. Not wearing comfortable shoes You will walk in New York City…a lot. Residents of the city walk an average of six to ten miles a day. You, as a tourist may walk more than that depending on how much you want to see in a day. Your shoes should be comfortable, sturdy, and ready […]

9 things that are required for a New York City apartment

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Knowing your rights as a tenant in New York City will save you from unrealistic expectations and headaches when looking for an apartment in the big city. We outlined 9 things that are allowed and not allowed in a Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens resident apartment. Title 27 outlines the legal requirements for construction and […]

5 productive ways to save space in a small apartment

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It’s no secret that apartments in New York City are small — sometimes very small. There are some important rules apartments have to follow according to New York City’s building code: a minimum of 80 square feet a minimum width of 8 feet in any dimension a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet at least […]

The details you need to know about Central Park

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Square in the middle of New York City is Central Park — the fifth largest park in the New York City area. It covers 843 acres and has an estimated 38 million visitors annually. Here are a few other things to know about the park: Where to find Central Park It’s hard to miss because […]

Which borough to live in — with a quiz!

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There are many places to live when it comes to finding housing in New York City, but it can be hard to decide which borough to live in. There are positives and negatives as well as things that make each borough unique. This guide and quiz will hopefully help you as you choose. Loading… Manhattan […]

15 reasons why you should move to NYC in 2020

“Should I move to NYC?” If you’re considering a move to NYC in 2020, let us help you with your decision. We’re professional movers in NYC and for more than 30 years, we’ve helped people just like you make the (scary) jump to a new big city. It’s our commitment to make your move as […]

5 ways to find cheap storage in New York City

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You need a storage unit in NYC. There are many options to consider when looking for a place to store your items. How do you find a cheap storage unit? Here are a few ideas of where to look. Search websites for best deals Almost all self-storage companies have their prices listed on their website. […]

11 reasons why college students should store stuff in NYC

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We get it. It’s hard to make a decision on where to put your stuff between semesters — especially in New York. You may be a college student, a parent, or a new roommate about to move college dorm items. Getting around New York is hard enough, but trying to move tons of stuff on […]