Which borough to live in — with a quiz!

Which borough to live in — with a quiz!

There are many places to live when it comes to finding housing in New York City, but it can be hard to decide which borough to live in.

There are positives and negatives as well as things that make each borough unique. This guide and quiz will hopefully help you as you choose.




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The positives of Manhattan is that it's easy to commute with the subways and has great places to shop and eat. For the one who's always on the move, this is a great place to be.

The negative side to it is that this borough doesn't have large living spaces for an affordable price for families. It's on the expensive end. It's also hard to find spacious activities to do outside other than Central Park.

Manhattan is known for its visual arts, finance institutions, colleges, television, museums, shopping, and food. There's not a shortage of things to do in this borough.



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If you don't commute too often and desire a place to live that's close to Manhattan, this may be the place for you.

The great things about this borough are the airports, the train stations, diversity, and culture. If you commute a lot for work (in NYC or beyond) this should probably be where you live.

The downsides of living in Queens are that it's not a packed borough so you may need to travel to stores to pick up groceries or other things. It's a very large area, so you could be traveling a while in Queens!

The Bronx


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The most creative and diverse of the boroughs, The Bronx is the birthplace of Hip-Hop and home to the New York Yankees. Also not to mention the Bronx Zoo.

This area is very creative and diverse, has affordable housing, and has things to do nearby. You'll want to check out the Botanical Garden, the Edgar Allen Poe Cottage, and the Bronx Brewery.

The downside is that this area may not be for everyone. It has a reputation for being a tough place to live. It's not necessarily the crime or poverty, but it's the day to day working mentality of the people that makes it tough.

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In Brooklyn, you don't want to miss the Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, McCarren Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge. There are over 700 arts and cultural institutions in Brooklyn, making it diverse and unique.

This is more of a leisure borough with plenty to do. Parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars offer something for you to do on a weekday or weekend.

Due to crime, overpopulation, drugs, or other reasons, it may be good to avoid the following neighborhoods: Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville, Bushwick, Vinegar Hill, and East Flatbush. You may be completely fine in these areas, but the crime rates are higher than the national average in these places.

Staten Island


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Staten Island is home to delicious food, excellent beaches, a working-class population. Top things to check out are the National Lighthouse Museum, the Staten Island Zoo, the Color Museum, and the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden.

You will probably need a car if living in this borough. Unfortunately, there is only one subway line (SIR) and it's not attached to any other subway. So, you will not be able to commute via train. Boat or car is your best option for commuting Manhattan.

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