11 reasons why college students should store stuff in NYC

11 reasons why college students should store stuff in NYC

We get it. It’s hard to make a decision on where to put your stuff between semesters — especially in New York. You may be a college student, a parent, or a new roommate about to move college dorm items. Getting around New York is hard enough, but trying to move tons of stuff on Subways or trucks in NYC sounds like a nightmare! Moishe’s Self Storage can hold your things. Here are 11 reasons why storing college stuff is the way to go this semester.

college-student-stress-about-moving-stuff-in-New-YorkWe move your things so you don’t have to

With Moishe’s Self Storage, we move your things so you don’t have to. Moving stuff on the Subway or busy roads is too much to handle. Let our Certified Storage Experts move your things for you.  You already have enough to worry about, let moving items be one less thing on your to-do list.

We bring the truck to your dorm or doorstep

As said earlier, taking a truck down a busy New York street may be terrifying. That’s why we have Certified Storage Experts drive to your doorstep ready to move your things. They bring the truck right to your door, dorm, or business — with no added cost when you sign up with a qualifying contract. Check out the details here.

We do the heavy lifting because we have the manpower

Ask your parents, family, friends, or current roommates to help you move and they’ll probably groan. You don’t even need to bother them because Moishe’s Self Storage will move it for you. When you have a bed, dresser, clothes, TV, and mini-fridge, it adds up quickly. When it’s put into a corner, you realize just how much you actually have. But don’t fret! We’ll handle the heavy lifting when you apply with a qualifying contract. More details here.

Only need a place for a month? Not a problem

Moishe’s Self Storage can hold your items for only one month if that’s all you need. Maybe need to drop your things somewhere because your new lease hasn’t started yet. Or maybe you live on campus but the semester ended and you need to a place to drop your stuff for a few months before the next year. We can accommodate you!

Accessible via public transportation and free off-street parking available

Access either one of our locations from the Subway or bus. If you bring your car to one of our locations, you can easily park off-street while you check your things.

We’re right next to you in Queens and the Bronx

With two storage facilities located in the Queens and the Bronx, we’re in the best place possible to store your stuff. We’ll pick it up and take it to the storage facility of your choosing. We’re accessible via public transportation so you never have to be far from your things.

Access your stuff at any point in the day

At any point in the day, you can access your things at either one of our storage facilities. Freely access your things between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. any day of the week. Both locations are close to public transportation so it’s easy to access.


We’ll come to you at any college in New York City

It doesn’t matter where you live, if you drop your stuff at either one of our locations, you can access it whenever you want. If, however, your college is in one of NYC’s five boroughs or in a surrounding neighborhood, we’ll come to you if you meet qualifying subscription standards. Why do it yourself when you can hire the experts?

You can sign up and move in today

Call the number at the top of the screen to get details about moving in today. Hard things happen to good people, don’t let moving or storing your stuff be something you have to worry about too.

We’re affordable — even for college students

As low as $26.10 a month, you can rent a space in either one of our facilities. You don’t have to break the bank when storing your stuff — even in New York. Space is limited, so we do our absolute best to make sure you’re receiving the most space at the best price.

You can pack or items or we can do it for you

The simplest way for you and Moishe’s is for you to pack your belongings yourself so you know where everything is and which box it’s in. That does, however, cause stress for you, the one transitioning to your next adventure. Why not let us, the moving and Storage Experts pack and move your stuff for you? That way you have less stress and more peace of mind in this process.

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