7 Storage Unit Myths Explained

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There are a few myths related to self storage that you need to know. Did you know that it’s illegal to live in a self storage unit? We debunk myths like this and bring clarity to other common misconceptions about self storage. Let’s get started! Myth #1: Storage unit facilities are unsafe Some people believe […]

Is Self Storage Worthless? [5 Reasons Why It’s Not]

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We’re giving a resounding “No!” to this question. You may think, “Well obviously you do! You’re a self-storage company!” Before you start thinking like this for too long, let us explain. Here’s why self-storage isn’t worthless: Some items are not used as often as others Some of your items are seasonal. Your closet, for example, change […]

7 Self Storage Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

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Knowing these self-storage secrets will take you a long way in keeping your items safe and protected in mini storage. Most people don’t know these seven (7) secrets to self-storage. Do you? Read on to learn more. Secret #1: Climate-control matters more than you think Climate-controlled units not only store your belongings in a secure […]

11 Items That Are Vulnerable to Heat and Cold in Self Storage

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Some items can be stored in a unit long term without climate-controlled capabilities. Regular clothes, cloth furniture, lamps, books, and metal are a few things that can be stored in a facility without temperature and humidity control. There are items, however, that need regulated temperature and humidity. Here’s a list of 11 items that are […]

Preparing for Self Storage: 13 Critical Things to Remember

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Preparing for self storage is easy if you know what checklist to follow. Below we talk about 13 critical things to remember when preparing for mini storage. Take a look: 1. Consider sturdy moving boxes or plastic bins Prepare for self storage by using the best boxes in your unit. Even though food and alcohol […]

Do You Make These 9 Common Mini Storage Mistakes?

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Those who store in a unit for the first time usually make at least one of these storage mistakes. But no fear! You’re here now so you will be well-prepared to store like a professional. Take a look at these nine (9) common mini storage mistakes: 1. No insurance Not using storage insurance is the […]

3 Videos About Public Storage You Need to Watch

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Sometimes we need a little inspiration with visuals. The three (3) videos below show you how to organize your self storage unit for optimal space and maneuverability. You may even learn something new! Organizing your self storage unit and other tips This short video offers valuable tips for storing items short term and long term. […]

Too Much Stuff? 9 Crucial Tips for Creating More Space

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If you have too much stuff and need to create more space in your home, there are nine (9) crucial steps you need to take. In a sense, it’s a mindset shift. In another, it’s the elimination of items. Here’s where to begin: Tip 1: More stuff doesn’t equal more happiness Like others, you may […]

Public Storage: 5 Killer Ways to Store Furniture

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Mini storage is often used for storing furniture long-term. Doing it right means saving valuable space in the unit. If you have extra room in your unit, it’s almost like throwing away money. Save your money when storing furniture by doing the following five (5) things. Moishe’s Self Storage can hold your furniture items if […]

9 Mini Storage Hacks You Need to Know

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Mini storage is easier than you think. If you’re putting decorations away until next year, storing extra clothes, moving, or going home for a semester; we have the storage unit for you. Check out a few must-know hacks when storing in mini storage. Use the optimal storage formula OS = B(S-I) + H Optimal storage […]