7 Self Storage Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

7 Self Storage Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

Knowing these self-storage secrets will take you a long way in keeping your items safe and protected in mini storage. Most people don’t know these seven (7) secrets to self-storage. Do you? Read on to learn more.

Secret #1: Climate-control matters more than you think

Climate-controlled units not only store your belongings in a secure facility but also manages temperature and humidity levels. Some items, such as wood furniture, art, wine, fine clothing, and electronics need climate-controlled facilities to maintain the integrity of the objects. Otherwise, your precious belongings may break or be destroyed.

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Items like cloth furniture, day-to-day clothing, and books are fine to stay in storage that’s not climate controlled. The rising and falling temperatures won’t affect these items in storage.

Secret #2: Keep everything off the ground

The ground can be your stuff’s worst enemy in storage. Water can seep up from the ground and get into boxes, furniture, and other items. Putting down a plastic tarp or a pallet will help protect your things.

You can generally find free wood pallets at businesses that regularly receive shipments. Here are a few places to check:

  • Bars, craft beer, and liquor locations
  • Pet food stores
  • Feed & Tack stores
  • Furniture stores
  • Flooring stores

Secret #3: Storage companies don’t usually provide locks

In most storage cases, you’ll have to bring your own lock to protect your items. Three locks you want to avoid are:

  • Traditional padlocks
  • Keyless padlocks
  • Cylinder locks

These locks do not protect against bolt cutters and are susceptible to tampering and breaking.

Three locks you do want to buy are:

  • Shrouded locks
  • Hidden padlock
  • Disc locks

These locks are not only stronger, but they also don’t have as many moving parts, are built from solid metal, and can’t be opened with bolt cutters.

Secret #4: Labels are your best friend

Labeling boxes and bins will help you find your items quicker when you visit your unit. Use whatever system works for you. Stickies, color tape, numbers, a printed list, a digital list, or simply writing on the boxes with a Sharpie. Put the less used items in the back of the unit and the often-used items in the front.

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Secret #5: Use storage wrap for EVERYTHING

The best thing you can do to protect your items is to keep everything wrapped in storage wrap. Fewer things will break and there will be added protection against unwanted pests in your belongings (climate-controlled units typically don’t have pests). Using plastic wrap for furniture not only protects when moving, but it also protects against dust in the unit. For boxes, make sure you use acid-free paper because the ink from newspaper can bleed on stored clothing, books, or art.

Secret #6: You can store long as you want…as long as you pay

You will always have a storage unit, as long as you pay your bill on time. If the cash keeps flowing, your stuff won’t end up on an episode of storage wars. Don’t worry if you miss a payment, most storage facilities offer a grace period.

Secret #7: Height matters just as much as floor space

Consider floor space for large furniture items such as couches and tables, but also know that height is just as important as floor space. You can stack boxes up to the eight-foot ceiling. Non-used space is money thrown away, so use as much of it as you can.

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