7 Storage Unit Myths Explained

There are a few myths related to self storage that you need to know. Did you know that it’s illegal to live in a self storage unit? We debunk myths like this and bring clarity to other common misconceptions about self storage. Let’s get started!

Myth #1: Storage unit facilities are unsafe

Some people believe self storage units are unsafe because they’re exposed and not fully secure. For some storage facilities, this may be true but if there’s a secure entry gate, strong locks, and security cameras, then they’re very much secure. The storage facilities that don’t have gates, locks, or cameras are more likely to have safety concerns. Further, facilities that are climate-controlled are much safer.

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Myth #2: Storage units are expensive

It’s a common idea to say storage units are expensive. While it does cost money to store items, the price is probably lower than you think. A decent-sized unit could cost around $60 a month, but many organizations’ prices are much lower. Many companies offer specials the longer you stay, too.

Myth #3: Storage units are only for long-term commitments

When you’re in a bind, self storage can be a life-saver. The reason is because most storage facilities let you stay for as little as one month. You’re allowed to stay longer if you’d like; as long as you pay the bill. Sometimes you need to move out really quickly or you need a place to drop your items between homes or apartments. Self storage can hold your belongings while you sort out living arrangements.

Myth #4: Storage units are for those who have too much stuff

It’s a common thought to think that those who rent storage units do it because they don’t have enough space in their homes. This may be true for some, but many use storage units for storing business items, decorations, or outdoor gear.

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Myth #5: Storage units have valuable items in them

Sure, storage units can be a place where you store valuable items, but it’s not recommended. The items can deteriorate in value or be ruined if not stored in a facility that’s not climate-controlled. Also, consider the unfortunate event that the items are stolen (we know this goes against point number one, but it’s still a possibility). Most of the time storage units won’t contain valuable items because of the risks involved.

Myth #6: Storage units are dirty

Most storage facilities look over their units to ensure they’re clean and well-maintained. There are times, however, when the units aren’t properly maintained. The floor may be dirty or broken, the walls may have holes that lead to the unit next-door or outside, or the ceiling may be falling. If possible, avoid these locations. Climate-controlled units, however, are usually well-maintained and cleaned on a regular basis so you don’t have to worry about pests or infestations.

Myth #7: Storage units are okay to live in

It’s a common thought that people are allowed to live in storage units. This is a false claim. Not only is it illegal to live in a storage unit, but it’s also unsafe. It may be hard to breathe without proper ventilation. If someone tries to cook in the unit, it could burn the area down. Overall, it’s not a good idea to live in a storage unit.

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