Is Self Storage Worthless? [5 Reasons Why It’s Not]

We’re giving a resounding “No!” to this question.

You may think, “Well obviously you do! You’re a self-storage company!”

Before you start thinking like this for too long, let us explain. Here’s why self-storage isn’t worthless:

Some items are not used as often as others

Some of your items are seasonal. Your closet, for example, change depending on the temperature. Your large winter jackets need a place to go during the warm summer and you won’t need those boots when there’s no snow on the ground.

Holiday decorations are another category that will need storing during the off season. Storing these in large bins in a storage facility will save valuable space in your small home or apartment.

Outdoor items such as chairs, couches, grills, and umbrellas can be stored in a unit as well. These items can become rusty because of winter’s humidity. Only pull these furniture items out during the summer to have long-lasting outdoor equipment.

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Some people don’t have enough space in their home, apartment, or office

A living space that’s between 500-800 square feet is very little area for storing items beyond clothing and other small personal things. A closet barely has enough space to hold linens, let alone camping gear, art supplies, books, or other hobbies.

A storage unit provides you with the ability to hold work or hobby items that don’t take up space in your home. No longer do you need to consider how you’ll store these items in your small home.

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Sometimes you need storage when moving

Moving can be tricky. You’ve found a new place to live but the timing doesn’t line up with where you’re living now and you can’t move in quite yet. This is when self-storage can be a life-saver…and a saver of money.

Even though it seems tedious, you can unload everything and put it in a storage unit for a few days until your new place is move-in ready. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a full moving truck. That gets expensive really quickly!

Some items can’t fit anywhere but storage

Every now and again you find a large item that you really need, but there’s one problem: there’s no room in your home to store it. Self-storage can be your saving grace during these times. That bicycle, sofa, chair, hutch, bed, or appliance is no match for a large storage unit. This is a temporary solution for a temporary problem. Once you have room in your home or business for the item, you can move it to its pertinent place.

Sometimes you have nowhere else to turn

As a last resort, self-storage may be the only place left to turn. Maybe you were evicted or kicked out. Maybe you needed to move out fast. Maybe imminent danger is present and you needed to flee. Whatever the reason, self-storage is a safe haven for you when you’re in need.

Sometimes you need self storage for just a month. Other times, you need it for a year. Contact Moishe’s Self Storage if you’re looking for cheap full-service self-storage units in New York City. We can hold wine, art, furniture, luggage, household items, or other things.

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