Affordable Self Storage

Many customers come to us searching for the cheapest self storage that we offer. We completely understand, as city life can be expensive. There’s no avoiding it – whether you’re moving to the city or you’ve lived here a long time, space is limited and costly. The one thing most people don’t realize however, is that cheap self storage is much more expensive than affordable self storage. At Moishe’s Self Storage, we strive to provide the best value around. Visit our Bronx storage and Queens storage locations to see for yourself!

Affordable Self Storage

The Hidden Expense of Cheap Self Storage

Self storage in NYC is often advertised as “cheap.” When it comes to some of the other options out there, that word is aptly chosen. There is a vast selection of self storage services here in the city, and a considerable amount of them don’t offer any maintenance, heat or air conditioning. This can cause damage to all types of property in the short and long term. When you’re storing an important family heirloom, or precious inventory for your business, cheap self storage damage can be extremely expensive.

Imagine that you’re moving and you need to store a queen size mattress for a few days. You choose the cheapest storage room over the more affordable self storage Moishe’s offers. You cram in the queen mattress and leave it without a second thought. Only two weeks later you return to find uninvited visitors have arrived in your “cheap” self storage unit. Mites and bed bugs have infested your mattress. These intruders are incredibly contagious and can run rampant at cheaper storage facilities. Thankfully, this is not a concern with Moishe’s Self Storage. Our clean, modern units only house your belongings, with no surprise guests.

Moishe’s Knows Affordable Self Storage

If you’re not convinced, feel free to call in at (800)-536-6564 and speak to one of our storage advisers. They’ll make sure to get you into a storage unit you can afford. Every room is monitored 24/7 with our quality CCTV system.

Don’t sacrifice quality when seeking affordable mini storage. Contact us today to reserve your free pickup and clean storage units at a monthly rate you’ll love.

Customer are often searching for the cheapest self storage that we offer. It’s understandable to say the least with New York City’s prices. Avoiding the steep real estate entry point is no easy feat. Long term New Yorkers and brand new transplants still fall to the same mistakes however.

Cheap self storage near me is a completely different experience than affordable self rent storage near me. When you’re renting with Moishe’s Self Storage you’ll find out exactly what we mean right away. Even if you just call in for a free consultation, it’s very easy; to understand why affordable self storage is the way to go.

Moishe’s Affordable Self Storage Near Me

Whenever self storage is advertised as cheap, it falls in line with most of self storage facilities in New York City. That means it’s not well kempt, it’s highly infested with bed bugs and other intruders that are nigh on impossible to get rid of once they’ve arrive. Bed lice and other insect infestations can be one heck of a nuisance, not to mention that your property is essentially ruined or will cost a fortune to repair if it’s worth it to you.

Affordable self storage is different. For just a few extra dollars a month you get a whole lot more and you don’t have to worry about these “Cheap” self storage issue. Searching for affordable self storage near me will save you a tone of money in the long run. IN fact, it’s the cheapest option in many ways.

On top of protecting your property legitimately with more than just a padlock, a hope, and a prayer. That means you’ll have nothing but peace of mind and good times all for just a few extra dollars a month.

NYC Livin’ Affordable Self Storage

Moishe’s Self Storage understands the unique obstacles that face NYC residents. The small apartments, the crowded subways and streets, and the frequent increases in rent are all aspects that make living in the NYC stressful. Moishe’s Self Storage is here to make your life easier, at an affordable price.

We offer a wide range of storage units that can be climate-controlled and monitored by our comprehensive security system and procedures. With storage units starting as low as $29.99, you can take advantage of our high quality services without draining your bank account.

Also, if you purchase a 5 X 10 foot storage unit, we will pick up your personal belongings from your apartment or condo, and drive them to one of our convenient storage facilities for free! Let us handle the logistics.


At Moishe’s, we do not sacrifice security for affordability. All of our facilities are equipped with high-tech security procedures. No matter what size of storage unit you rent, our closed circuit security system and motion sensors will monitor your personal valuables.

us today to learn more about our storage unit specials and our affordable prices.

Affordable Storage Brooklyn New York

For over three decades, Moishe’s Self Storage has been offering some of the most high quality and affordable storage Brooklyn New York has ever seen! When you work with Moishe’s Self Storage, you not only receive a plethora of storage options, but top-of-the-line security and around the clock access to your storage unit! Visit our walk-in locations in the Bronx & Queens to see the Moishe’s difference for yourself.

Variety is Key

Moishe’s Self Storage offers our customers an amazing selection of storage unit sizes that will be sure to meet your unique storage needs. In fact, we have over 20 different storage unit size intervals, which means that you are less likely to pay for extra space you don’t need, or figure out in the middle of packing that your storage unit will be too small.

We not only offer a broad range of storage unit sizes, with short and long term storage options, we also offer a flexible storage timelines. If you are not sure how long you will need the storage unit, it is as easy as paying month by month.

Our units range from 5 X 5 ; 5 X 7 ; 5 X 10 ; 6 X 10 ; 8 x 10 ; 10 X 10 ; 10 X 12 ; 10 X 15 up to 10 x 20. The 10 X 10 units are large enough to store the contents of a one bedroom condo or apartment, and the 10 X 20 unit is large enough to store the contents of a three to four bedroom house.

One amenity that is almost a must-have is spacious elevators with wide doors. Moishe’s Self Storage facilities feature elevators that are double-wide and can fit the most awkward of furniture sizes.

Affordable Self Storage

Let’s Get Moving

Though there may be several affordable storage Brooklyn New York companies, none can beat the service, quality and price of Moishe’s Self Storage. Contact us to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives to learn more about our services and prices.

Brooklyn allows for residents and visitors to spend a fortune on just about anything. With artisan toast and fine art around every corner it can be difficult find room for practicality. Where most would see the end of affordability in Brooklyn we see opportunity to serve some much-needed affordable rent storage in Brooklyn seekers.

Moishe’s is the only company in the city that offers affordable yet premium quality storage, we’ve built our business on the efforts we’ve seen all New Yorkers struggle with. The main aspects in Brooklyn are of course affordability and the rapidly descending level if quality associated with actual affordable storage in Brooklyn.

Moishe’s Affordable Storage in Brooklyn

When you’re searching for ways to store your furniture, your business inventory and much more you’ll find no better at each property storage technique than Moishe’s. We understand there’s no difference between storing affordable and storing smart.

There’s no reason affordable storage in Brooklyn shouldn’t be safe as well and a smart choice to boot. So Moishe’s makes sure we provide every customer with a facility that they will always recommend due to it’s quality, cost, and respectful customer service.

We want every customer to know that there property and their safety and satisfaction is important to us, which is we protect every storage room. A CCTV camera system and security staff is on site at all times day or night to ensure that whenever you need to access your property you can do so in peace.

There’s nothing like arriving to your storage room to find it has been ransacked or infested due to poor security or maintenance. We make sure that never happens to our customers and their affordable storage in Brooklyn.

Affordable Storage in New York

Affordable Self Storage

Affordable storage in New York is not hard to find when you work with Moishe’s Self Storage. We pride ourselves on offering our customers exemplary service, as well as a wide variety of storage options! If you are an individual looking to move to the Big Apple, a New York resident who needs a place to store apartment clutter, or a business that is looking to grow, Moishe’s Self Storage can provide you with affordable and high quality storage that will solve your storage problems.

Residential Storage

Whether you are moving apartments in Manhattan and your family needs a location to store your personal belongings for a weekend, or your Brooklyn apartment is getting a little cramped and you want a storage unit to help make your living space more functional and efficient long-term, Moishe’s Self Storage has a solution for you.

Our 10 by 10 storage units are able to fit the entire contents of a one-bedroom apartment. However, if you need the space for a family move, our 20 by 10 foot storage units can hold everything commonly found in a three to four bedroom house! No matter your situation, let Moishe’s Self Storage help make your move stress free!

Making the Most of Your Apartment

Looking to maximize the functionality of your apartment? Our 5 by 5 foot storage units can comfortably hold folding furniture and a few boxes of those infrequently used items that take up valuable living space in your apartment. Our storage units can act as an extension of your square footage.

Just think of our 5 by 5 foot storage units as receiving an additional closet or attic space! If you are living in New York City, we know your apartment is small. Moishe’s Self Storage can help you maximize your space with one of our high quality and affordable storage units.

Storage Unit Options for Your Convenience

Our units range from 5 X 5 ; 5 X 7 ; 5 X 10 ; 6 X 10 ; 8 x 10 ; 10 X 10 ; 10 X 12 ; 10 X 15 up to 10 x 20.

One amenity that is almost a must-have is spacious elevators with wide doors. Moishe’s Self Storage facilities feature elevators that are double-wide and can fit the most awkward of furniture sizes.

Affordable Self Storage

Commercial Storage

Moishe’s Self Storage regularly works with growing New York businesses and corporations. Renting one of our storage units to store extra inventory or office equipment and supplies is a smart solution to free up work space at your commercial property. Give your business a little room to grow by renting a storage unit at Moishe’s Self Storage.

Let’s Get Moving!

Searching for affordable storage near me in New York City can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! Moishe’s is just one phone call away. Contact Moishe’s Self Storage to get started. Visit our walk-in locations in the Bronx or Queens today.