The Baby Yoda Way to Get Through the Stress of Moving [Memes]

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Let’s face it, no one likes moving. The stress of packing, labeling, and moving can be scary. Baby Yoda can help. Here’s how you get through moving…Baby Yoda style. Make the plan   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Baby Yoda (@babyyodaitmemes) It’s appealing to want to run away when faced […]

11 DIY home staging tips before you sell your home or condo

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So you’re about to sell your home or apartment and you need stage it. Staging a home doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you can probably do it yourself. Here are 11 home staging tips before you sell your home or apartment: Clean! First and most importantly is the cleaning process. A clean home […]

11 tips for moving a college student into a new dorm, apartment, or home

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It’s August and time to move back to college. For most families, a student’s things have been stored in the home or a storage unit for summer. It’s now time to pull their items out and move to a dorm room, apartment, condo, or home. Here are 11 tips for moving your student into a […]

25 things you should know before moving to NYC

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“What should I know about NYC before moving there?” Moving anywhere new can be scary and hard. It’s best to plan for your move before starting the process, but there are times when moving has to happen fast. If you make the jump to New York City, there are a few things you should know. […]

9 things that are required for a New York City apartment

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Knowing your rights as a tenant in New York City will save you from unrealistic expectations and headaches when looking for an apartment in the big city. We outlined 9 things that are allowed and not allowed in a Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens resident apartment. Title 27 outlines the legal requirements for construction and […]

How self storage can help when downsizing your home

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Many Americans decide that downsizing is the best decision for them. Some are older and retired and just want a smaller place to live. Some need to save money. Others like the comfort of living in a smaller home because it feels safer. RELATED: Tips For Downsizing To A New York City Apartment Whatever your […]

Moving out quickly: 5 things to know and do

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So you just got word that you need to move out and you don’t have much time to do it. Many people have to move out fast, so you’re not alone. Maybe your lease ends earlier than you thought, your roomie’s significant other is moving in, or maybe you realize it’s time to make a […]

8 things to do before packing to make it easier

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Before setting out to pack and move the house you’re living in now, there are a few things you should do in the home to make moving MUCH easier. Do yourself a favor and follow the points below to make your moving process quicker and better. Download and print this moving checklist: The Ultimate Moving Checklist […]

13 things to do after moving into a new home

You did it! You finished moving! What a big process it has been, we’re sure. The hardest part is behind you. Your new home is exciting and all you want it to be — at least, we hope it is! After you’ve settled into your new place, take heed of these things to make your […]

Tell these 9 people and business you’re moving

Before you pull the trigger on moving, it’s a good idea to tell certain people about your moving trip. You do this for safety, politeness, and legality. Make the transition as smooth as possible by informing loved ones and friends of your move. Here are the top ones to tell. Download and print this moving […]