11 tips for moving a college student into a new dorm, apartment, or home

11 tips for moving a college student into a new dorm, apartment, or home

It’s August and time to move back to college. For most families, a student’s things have been stored in the home or a storage unit for summer. It’s now time to pull their items out and move to a dorm room, apartment, condo, or home. Here are 11 tips for moving your student into a new place:

1. Sell, donate, or get rid of things you no longer need

Each semester, look through your items and sell, donate, or get rid of things you no longer need. Put a little extra money in your pocket and free up space in the process.

2. Boxes, boxes, boxes

Pack everything you can in boxes. Use medium-sized ones for more storage and better stacking. Small boxes can’t fit as much and large boxes can get too heavy. The exception with large boxes is that you can use them for bedding storage.

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3. Pack items well

Packing items well in boxes saves overall space. Take consideration as to how you put the items in the box. Put the heavier things on the bottom and the lighter on the top.

This video tells how you should pack glassware.

4. Write on boxes

Use a permanent marker to write on the boxes what’s inside. This comes in handy when packing for a livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. If you’re moving in a freshman, you may not have this many boxes, but it’s still useful to write on them nonetheless.

5. Use a dolly

A dolly helps move all the boxes. In most cases, you’ll have to move boxes longer-than-desired distances or up flights of stairs. In most cases, you can fit 2-5 boxes on a dolly and wheel them as far as you need. That’s way better than moving one box at a time!

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6. Don’t overdo it

Students, refrain from packing too many things. Do your best at packing only the things you need for the school year. Too much clothing gets in the way and can’t fit in the closest. Not just clothes, but also little trinkets you think you’ll need, but end up not using.

7. Don’t rent if you don’t have to

Sure, if you have a bed, desk, chair, and other large things, you may need to rent a truck or trailer. If you don’t have to, however, it saves money and effort. In most cases, freshmen don’t need to rent a truck, so try not to if you don’t need to!

8. Use a garbage bag to hold clothing

An easy clothing storage hack is to gather clothing that’s on racks into a trash bag. Pull the strings closed on the bag and now you have a cheap make-shift bag to hold and protect hanging clothing.

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9. Use straws or toilet paper rolls for necklaces

It’s a terrible feeling to throw all necklaces together with the thought that they’ll knot together during transit. String your necklace through a straw or toilet paper roll to keep them from tangling.

10. Use a pill case for earrings and rings

For the smaller items such as earrings and rings, use a pill case to keep them in one place. These can get lost very easily, so keep them together in this way!

11. Press’n Seal to lock jewelry in place

If you don’t want to use straws or rolls, then Press’n Seal may be your best bet to keep jewelry together. Lay the items out flat on top of a sheet and put another sheet over top. Slide your fingers along the free areas and make them stick together.

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