13 things to do after moving into a new home

You did it! You finished moving! What a big process it has been, we’re sure. The hardest part is behind you.

Your new home is exciting and all you want it to be — at least, we hope it is!

After you’ve settled into your new place, take heed of these things to make your moving process safer and easier for you and your family.

Download and print this moving checklist: The Ultimate Moving Checklist With Tips

1. Have locks changed


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Once you get settled into your new home, you may want to have the locks changed.

This cost ranges between $150 and $250. It may be a little pricey, but the peace of mind knowing you and your family is safe is important. You never know who has a key to your new home.

2. Install security system

It may be wise to install a security system for added protection. After installation, there’s a monthly charge from the security system company, so budget accordingly.

If you don’t want to go all-out on a high-class security system, vouch for a do it yourself system. FrontPoint Security is a simple option for safety on a budget.

3. Check for other security risks


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Check the doors, windows, and garage. Look for weak spots in the home where unwanted guests (animals or intruders) could enter your home.

For added security, add a hidden, fire-proof safe. Keep your important files protected.

4. Recycle packing materials


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Take your packing materials to be recycled. Some places will buy them back.

If a company will not buy back your materials, recycle them.

Make sure it’s legal to drop them off. Some recycle bins are for business use only.

5. Change toilet seats


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Toilet seats are one of the germiest areas in a home. Change these to lower your germ risk.

Rather than taking it with you, snap a picture of it before going to the local hardware store. Finding the right shape (round toilet seats and elongated toilet seats) is easier this way.

6. Change air filters


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Proactive homeowners will have changed the air filters along the way, but if the previous owners haven’t, now is the best time to do it.

There are many sizes to choose from, so select the size that fits your air intake.

BONUS: vacuum dust from the intake and vents for added cleanliness.

7. Try to be unpacked within two weeks


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Having-half unpacked boxes laying around can be stressful. Find a place for everything and pull your things out of boxes.

If you’re not able to find a place for everything, put it in the attic or basement. Still too much stuff? Consider storing it with us!

8. Visit the DMV


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Go here to change your address. Some states allow you to do this online.

NOTE: In the state of New York, you have 30 days to change your driver’s License.

9. Update voter registration


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Go to USA.gov to update your voter registration and address. Try to have this completed before election day.

10. Find healthcare providers


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Get a jump start on this so when you are sick, you’ll know where to go.

Urgent care providers are an okay option when you’re in a pinch for care, but a local doctor or private healthcare provider who you can build a relationship with is sometimes better.

11. Register your vehicle


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If you move to a new state, you’ll need to register it.

In New York, you have 30 days to register it.

12. Meet your new neighbors!


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Take a moment to introduce yourself to your neighbors! You may need to ask them to help you with something later down the road. Or maybe they’ll need help.

13. Send moving announcements


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Send out letters announcing your new move! This is a fun time to update people and tell them your new address.

If you love holiday cards, make sure your friends and family have your new address.

For the ultimate list of moving tips, check out our list of 143 Ways To Make Moving Easier For You, Kids, And Pets — With A Printable Version

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