How self storage can help when downsizing your home

Many Americans decide that downsizing is the best decision for them. Some are older and retired and just want a smaller place to live. Some need to save money. Others like the comfort of living in a smaller home because it feels safer.

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Whatever your reason, don’t forget the benefit of using a self storage unit to hold your things. It saves you money, allows more time, and reduces stress.

It saves you money

The biggest pro for downsizing is saving money. Less mortgage and less money on utilities. That money can be used for other things like home projects, hobbies, travel, or giving.

Likewise, if you need to downsize for a short time, a self storage unit can help you accomplish you storage goals. Consider putting away the big items first. Sofas, dressers, beds, and other big items may need to be switched out for smaller things when downsizing.

It may be in your best interest to have a smaller home and rent a storage unit to hold the bigger things — short term or long term.

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It allows you more time

Leases may not perfectly end at the same time you’re ready to move into a new home. During this time of limbo, you may need a storage unit.

You can have flexibility on time because the pressure is no longer pushing you to move out/in so quickly.

Most storage companies allow for at least one month of storage. That should be enough time to let your things sit in storage while you figure out how to move your stuff into your new home.

It reduces stress

At the same time of saving money and time, keeping your things in a unit reduces stress. Having more money and more time is always a benefit.

Keeping items in a unit — while not pressed for time — is a relief in stress for you and your family because you don’t have to move in right away.

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