Furniture Storage

In the process of tidying up and organizing your home, you’re likely to encounter furniture that you don’t need or simply don’t have space for anymore. But getting rid of these items, especially if they are still in good condition, can be a daunting task due to their size and volume. Fortunately, customers in the Queens, New York area have the option of using Moishe’s Self Storage. No longer do you have to compromise precious living space to accommodate belongings you don’t immediately need? Furthermore, the benefit of climate-controlled storage ensures your furniture retains its quality over time. For the first time, you can feasibly hold on to large items, even if your home can’t accommodate them.

As you wrestle with the decision of whether to sell or store your surplus furniture, you may want to ponder the following questions:

Is this an item I’d like to keep in the family but simply lack the room for it in my current living space? Just because an item has been passed down to you doesn’t mean it needs to be on display, especially if your space is already cluttered. You might decide to store it if you feel a strong sentimental attachment to it, or if you hope to pass it on to future generations.

Could I envision this item being useful if I rearrange my current furniture or relocate? As you redecorate, repaint or reorganize your rooms, some furniture might seem out of place. For instance, an expensive dark-wooden coffee table and leather couch may appear jarring in a room you’ve recently painted a bright lemon yellow. Similarly, the furniture might just not fit in your new living space if you’ve relocated.

If you’re someone who enjoys frequently updating your home’s look, consider storing these items. Especially if the piece was pricey, you’ll likely want to hold on to it if you adored it at the time of purchase.

Is this an item I’d be comfortable giving to my child when they leave home, or to another family member? If you own something you think could be useful for your child when they go off to college or move into their first apartment, consider its condition. Furniture pieces like couches, dressers, mattresses, and bed frames can be in high demand when setting up a new home, and it may be worth storing items that are still in good condition.

Even furniture that’s not in top shape can serve a purpose in a dorm room or first apartment. A simple slipcover can revive an old couch, and a fresh coat of paint can transform an old dresser.

When storing valuable furniture, it’s crucial to have a storage facility that maintains a consistent temperature and humidity level. Extreme temperatures and humidity can damage your precious furniture. Wood is less likely to warp or crack, and fabric is less likely to get musty in a climate-controlled storage facility compared to a basement, attic, or regular self-storage unit.

Ultimately, it’s worthwhile to store furniture pieces that you love or believe you or others will use in the future. Whether you’re an avid home decorator, preparing for a college-bound child, or just trying to preserve a treasured antique, using a self-storage facility is an excellent way to keep your beloved furniture pieces within reach while decluttering your living space.

Many residents of New York have contemplated renting a storage unit in Queens, but few are aware of the numerous benefits it offers. Perhaps you live in a charming but somewhat cramped space. Or maybe you’re in the process of moving and need a secure place to store your belongings temporarily. Self-storage units offer an excellent solution for those looking to retain their possessions without letting them dominate their living spaces.

There’s a wide range of self-storage services available to cater to diverse storage needs. These include commercial and personal storage, wine storage, climate-controlled self-storage, and even storage for recreational vehicles and boats. Whether big or small, your possessions can stay safe and secure in a self-storage unit for as long as you need. To find the ideal unit for your cherished possessions, get in touch with us at Moishe’s Self Storage in Queens, New York.