Nearest Storage

Moishe’s Self Storage is one of the nearest storage companies to several of the most popular boroughs in NYC and the surrounding area.

Location, Location, Location

Moishe’s Self Storage offers clean, affordable, secure and well-maintained self storage units across numerous NYC locations. Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Jersey City and The Bronx are just a few of the places where Moishe’s Self Storage has set up convenient and affordable locations. No matter where you live in the NYC area, Moishe’s is just a short distance away!

Location and Quality

Even though location is an important factor in choosing a self storage company, it’s not the only one. You may be interested in finding the nearest storage facility to your home or place of work, but you also want to think about quality. Moishe’s has been providing high quality and affordable self furniture storage units to NYC residents for over 30 years.

Nearest Storage

Safety and Security

At Moishe’s, we understand that you are entrusting us with your personal belongings and valuables. We do not take that lightly. Keeping your personal items free from environmental damage and the threat of theft are of the highest priority. Our facilities are temperate and can also be climate-controlled.

That means that you do not have to worry about hot New York summers, or bitterly cold winters, damaging your valuables. This is especially important if you are considering storing important legal documents, such as passports, tax returns or other government papers, that can easily be damaged by moisture and heat.

Don’t let the safety of your personal items keep you up at night. Allow that to be our problem. All of Moishe’s Self Storage facilities offer top-of-the-line security technology, such as burglar alarms. At Moishe’s we believe that it should be the NYC traffic that keeps you up at night, not the safety of your personal belongings.

Moishe’s facilities are among the nearest storage units to the majority of NYC boroughs, as well as the surrounding tri-state area. Remember, when it comes to self storage, location is key, but so is quality. Moishe’s Self Storage is the industry leader in both. Contact us today to learn more about our locations and prices.

If you’re searching for the nearest storage place in New York City, you’ll find a Moishe’s Self Storage facility around every corner. We’re the leading provider of premium self rent storage in New York City, and we have been around for almost 40 years. Our dedication to customer service and quality self storage have allowed us to diversify our storage rooms enough to allow storage for every customer no matter what they need to store inside.

How to Score Self-Storage DealsMoishe’s Nearest Storage Place

We’re located throughout the city, and we service every borough. To find more information about our locations you can visit our locations page here. We offer online reservations and top of the line customer service with any storage rental. You’ll be able to store your dorm room furniture, business inventory, and much more inside our units. Every storage unit is climate controlled and available with specialized storage capability upon request. You’ll find every other nearest storage place has nothing on Moishe’s Self Storage.

Every room we have is premium and affordable. We pride ourselves on towering above the competition. Too often we’ve heard our customer exclaim about how their property was stolen from their previous cheap storage unit. Many facilities will tout how their cheap storage facilities have prices that can’t be beaten. However, they’re consistently victim to theft and property damage.

If you’re nearest storage place has been infested with bed bugs, then always assume they’re still there. Moishe’s constantly maintains and cleans their storage rooms to ensure that your property is safe.

Moishe’s Self Storage is the Best Nearest Storage Place

When you’re looking for storage in the city call (800) 536-6564 to find the nearest storage place to you. We’re the best in the business and have been for over 30 years. Call now for a free consultation or find us online here.


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