Pitfalls to avoid for using self storage during a move

Many people will use storage during a move. Sometimes it’s because the next home is not ready and at times it might be a way to move in stages. Either way, self-storage is a great option during relocation. It is however another component added to the already complicated process of moving. So it’s important to avoid some common mistakes:

moving and storage

Not Ensuring the Moving Truck Will Fit

It’s possible that your storage facility will have tight openings and spaces. You’ll need to find out what kind of vehicle your movers will employ and then use the dimensions of the truck to ensure it will fit through the storage facility all the way to your unit.  Ask the storage facility for restrictions such as clearance heights. When moving with Moishe’s, however, this is seldom an issue. We employ an impressive fleet of moving trucks as part of our sister company, Moishe’s Moving. If a truck ends up not being able to accommodate your belongings, we can have a new, larger one delivered within the hour to keep you and your move on track.

Not Getting Loading Limits

Some facilities may have a limit on how much weight they can handle. Ask the facility if they have such limits and then estimate the weight of the truck and its load to ensure safe delivery.

Not Getting the Right Sized Unit    

There’s nothing worse than having movers bring your stuff to a self-storage unit only to find out everything won’t fit. Make sure you calculate the volume of your goods and rent a unit that will fit. When in doubt, consult the experts at the facility. They are specialists in self-storage and can offer guidance. At Moishe’s, we offer an intuitive room size calculator so you can figure out exactly which size unit would be the best fit for you.

Not Having a Plan for Movers

There’s a method to the madness of arranging boxes and furniture in a storage unit, especially if you plan on having access to your stuff while stored away. Either draw out a plan and give copies to the movers, clearly indicating where each box type goes, or make sure to be available and present while they are unloading to give them clear directions. Either way, there needs to be a plan and you’re the person responsible for making sure it’s executed. But at Moishe’s, we can take care of this for you. When you rent a storage unit for at least three months – a 5 x 10 room or bigger – our team of professional movers will pick up your items for free. We’ll also transport them to your storage unit for you. If you’d prefer that we take care of every aspect of storage – including moving your items into your storage unit – take advantage of our Storage on Demand services. Our movers will pick up your items, drive them to your unit, store them for you, and retrieve them whenever you’re ready. Don’t lift a finger – leave the heavy lifting to us! This service is available in both our Queens and Bronx storage facilities. Call our team at (800) 536-6564 to learn more and schedule your move to storage!

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