What to Know Before Renting a Storage Unit: A Guide


At some point in our New York City lives, most of us will consider renting a storage space—be it for a long trip during which time we might give up our apartment or as an extra closet or for a myriad of other reasons. If you’re thinking about renting one, below are some factors to consider:



The items you plan to store will determine both the kind and size of storage you’ll need. Write down a list of what you’re planning to store and estimate how much space you’ll require. This list will help you determine if the unit should be climate controlled and the size required to fit your goods. Remember it’s always good to include a safety factor, meaning add an extra 10 or so percent to the space you think you’ll need to ensure everything will fit.



Figure out your monthly budget for storage and find a unit that fits within your finances. Remember, storage unit prices are dependent on many factors including whether they are indoor or outdoor, if they have climate control and their size.



Check to see if the storage company offers insurance for your goods. If not, ask your homeowner’s insurance company to give you a quote to cover the goods you store in that space.



Store your valuables with a reputable storage company. If your goods are important enough to rent storage for, it’s worth for you to do a bit of research before committing them to a new home.



Find out each company’s policy for accessing your unit. If you plan on being in and out of the unit frequently, you should find something that’s accessible to you round the clock.



Read the terms of the storage contract carefully including the fine print. Find out what you need to do if you have to cancel your contract and look for any hidden fees and clauses.



Find out if the company has surveillance and what their security system consists of.