Self Storage Company

self storage company

Self Storage Company

New Yorkers know that storage is a hot commodity. There’s a storage company around every corner with a promise and a dream that you can get quality storage for dirt cheap prices. We at Moishe’s like to take a different approach. This means we promise quality service at affordable prices. The difference between us and our competition is the work ethic and dedication we provide and have provided for almost four decades. This is what has made us New York’s Top Self Storage Company. Contact us today to jump on our specials and deals, or stop by our walk-in locations in the Bronx and Queens.

What is Moishe’s Self Storage Company?

When we first started here in New York, Moishe’s was a man and his truck. Over time we’ve grown to be many men, women, trucks, trailers, vans, and self storage units. Moishe’s is the number one all included moving and storage in NYC stop. Some of our competitors offer what are essentially storage lockers with little to no protection or maintenance. We’re the opposite of that service. We make sure that every storage unit is the best you’ll find in New York.

Self Storage Company

Self Storage Company

Moishe’s Self Storage commits to making sure that every storage room is secured by a constantly monitored CCTV system and security team. Herein, your storage is always safe and accessible with Moishe’s Self Storage company.

On top of being secure, each Moishe’s Self Storage facility is safe against inclement weather and damage from precipitation, fire, and heavy wind. You may assume that every storage facility protects against weather damage, but you would be surprised at how many budget storage facilities do not provide guaranteed protection against such things. Choose a company that stands by the quality of their amenities.

Another amenity that sets us among the top is our spacious, customizable units. Our storage specialists have tackled the toughest storage situations and know how to customize a unit to fit your belongings.

Store with the Best at Moishe’s Self Storage

If you’re interested in finding one of our locations to see for yourself, we’re located through the city. That includes Bronx storage, Queens Storage, and more. The best way to get in touch with one of our storage advisers for a free consultation is to either call in at (800)-536-6564 or to fill out our contact form. Someone will be happy to speak with you to determine your storage needs and make sure you get the storage room you require.


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