Storage Business Solutions

storage business solutions
Storage Business Solutions

Moishe’s Self Storage is proud to offer business storage solutions for the commercial customer.  As the industry’s leading provider in NYC storage for over 30 years, we’ve assisted countless customers with storage solutions for their business.

Stop by our walk-in locations in the Bronx and Queens to see the Moishe’s difference for yourself, or contact us for information on new deals and specials.

Moishe’s Storage Business Solutions: The Best Security Features in NYC

Not only do you get round-the-clock security personnel monitoring CCTV recording systems of your unit;  we also utilize motion detectors, security checkpoints, state-of-the-art burglar alarms and the latest fire suppression technology to ensure your storage business is safe.  Why do we do this?  New York City has one of the highest break-in rates of storage facilities nationwide.  Being the largest storage provider in the city for over 30 years, Moishe’s realizes that our customer satisfaction guarantee demands a little something extra.  We make sure your storage business items return to you in the same condition you trusted to us.

If your business is located within the five NYC boroughs, we also offer free pick up for your items, up to a 5 X 10 space, with a 3-month minimum commitment.  When you schedule a free pick up with us, our team of experienced NYC movers show up with one of our red trucks at your location, load your items for you, and put them into a storage unit with us at no extra charge.  Why not trust us to do the dirty work?  At Moishe’s, your customer satisfaction is our top priority.  Our relocation experts ensure you’ll get your move into storage done right the first time.

More than Great Security

Storage Business Solutions
Storage Business Solutions

On top of being secure, each Moishe’s Self Storage facility is safe against inclement weather and damage from precipitation, fire, and heavy wind. You may assume that every storage facility protects against weather damage, but you would be surprised at how many budget storage facilities do not provide guaranteed protection against such things. Choose a company that stands by the quality of their amenities.

Moishe’s Self Storage boasts a wide range of sizes so that you don’t end up paying for space you won’t use. Our units range from 5 X 5 ; 5 X 7 ; 5 X 10 ; 6 X 10 ; 8 x 10 ; 10 X 10 ; 10 X 12 ; 10 X 15 up to 10 x 20.

Store with the Best at Moishe’s Self Storage

Feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our account managers today.  We’ll be happy to help you estimate the storage size you’ll need.  With over 20 unit sizes available, you’re sure to find the perfect storage solution at Moishe’s.