5 Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit in New York

New York City storage is a hot commodity as space is at a premium for our residents. We have seen a boom in self-storage nationwide in the last 10 years. The reason is simple: supply and demand. As people’s life situations change, their need for temporary or long term storage is becoming greater and greater. Check out our Top 5 reasons residents of NYC are using storage units more than ever below.


Be a kid’s heading off to college, or life events such as job loss or a global pandemic, people are downsizing from their big homes and moving into smaller spaces. With this comes the decision of what to do with all the stuff that wont’ fit into the reduced square footage of a condo or townhouse, or apartment. While some may decide to donate or sell their extra belongings, many are deciding to keep their stuff in storage units. By keeping their stuff in a storage unit, they are giving themselves the option to pull out these items at a later date.

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The Vagabond Lifestyle

Ever since COVID ravaged our city and country, many people realized that they could work remotely and thus decided to travel throughout the United States. Whether it be for work or for pleasure, the new normal is to spend more time away from the house. We saw a massive exodus from the city in 2020, and rather than leave their items in an unoccupied home for an extended period of time, many NYC residents decided to put their stuff in one of our two buildings; either in our Queens storage facility or our Bronx storage facility.

Seasonal Storage Needs

As decorating for every holiday becomes a bigger and bigger trend, so do the extreme amounts of decorations that have to live somewhere when not beautifying the house. Increasingly, people are opting to rent storage units to house these extra items. The same holds true for lawn and garden items such as patio furniture, fire pits, umbrellas, outdoor bars and the like. To extend the life of these, putting them in a climate-controlled storage unit keeps them at a regulated temperature.

Collectors Need Space

We’re a country of collectors. In fact, to a certain extent we’re all collectors of something, whether it be photographs, tickets to ballgames, kids’ artwork, or the more serious collector that collect stamps, baseball cards, books, or a million other things. Some items are collected for fun, while still other collect items because they are top fans. Others collect as a way of growing their social lives through going to swap meets and garage sales to engage with similar-minded people. But all this collecting comes at the cost of lost room in the home, garage, attic or basement. That’s when collectors head towards a nearby storage facility.

The Need for Extra Space

In a city like New York, space is at a premium and there is only so much of it to go around. In the process of cleaning or moving to NYC, there may be items that you just don’t feel like getting rid of, but don’t have the space to keep them in your home. When you rent a storage unit, you do not have to get rid of these items that hold sentimental value, but rather can retrieve them at your convenience.

Moishe’s Self Storage: New York City Storage Providers

Moishe’s Self Storage has been providing affordable self storage units in New York City for over 40 years! We offer free storage pickup in NYC to our two self storage facilities. You will not find more affordable, more secure, or cleaner storage units in all of New York City. Reserve your storage unit today and lock in your special price at either our Queens Storage facility or storage facility in The Bronx.