7 Types of Business That Can Benefit from Storage Units

Offsite storage has the potential to improve practically every economic sector. If a company suddenly finds itself in need of more room, it may put some of its stock in storage. Sometimes a company will need to temporarily relocate furniture and other items into a space because of an office relocation. Whatever the case may be, many industries would benefit from increased accessibility to physical space. As an example, consider these seven industries that could greatly benefit from a storage unit at Moishe’s Self Storage:

1. Hotels

There is a frequent need for additional storage in the hospitality industry for things like stock (like bathrobes and towels) and seasonal decorations (like Christmas trees and patio sets). Offsite storage space can allow necessary rotations to keep this fast-paced industry on track.

2. Business Office  Office Organization

The storage of documents is one way in which businesses can make use of the benefits offered by an offsite location. In addition, there is room to store things like furniture, electronics, and other equipment. To achieve a seamless transition during the process of relocation, businesses may also make use of storage space during the move.

3. Small Businesses

Many small businesses operate out of homes or in a shared workspace location. The accumulating paperwork, equipment, and inventory can make it difficult to stay organized. self-storage could be the answer for business owners who are looking for more space.

restaurant storage

4. Restaurants

Sometimes storage can be used for linens and place settings, and other times, for wine and food supplies. In any case, storage units can provide New York City eateries in the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens area with the much-needed extra space for stocking essentials.

5. Retail Business

When business picks up, store owners are often faced with the unavoidable reality that they need to stock more products. Because of the high expense of renting warehouse space in New York City, many businesses are turning to storage facilities like Moishe’s Self Storage instead.

6. Decorating and Design Firms

Props and decorations for various clients are a common problem for designers and decorators to store. Having a storage unit is often necessary to keep their items organized and ready to pull out when needed

7. Construction Companies  construction business storage needs, construction storage

It’s easy to let tools, equipment, and even materials take over your office and home. If you rent a storage unit, you’ll have the room to keep the supplies you buy in bulk and access them whenever you need them.




Moishe’s provides both residential storage units and commercial storage solutions for businesses in need of more space. We have access to thousands of square feet of storage space, so we can serve customers of all sizes. Also, our temperature- and humidity-controlled spaces are ideal for keeping everything from priceless artwork and wine to equipment that needs to be kept at a constant temperature and humidity level. The services we provide extend far beyond simple warehousing. We offer our storage unit for rent as additional office space for small businesses. If needed, we can hook you up with power and WiFi. When it comes to promoting the success of the thriving enterprises in our city, Moishe’s  Self Storage is ready to lend a hand. Call us today to reserve your space or speak with one of our friendly representatives.




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