best storage in new york city

  Best Storage in New York City

Best Storage in New York City

Moishe’s Self Storage offers the best furniture storage in New York City.  From our top-of-the line security systems, to our high-quality storage units, Moishe’s Self Storage has been leading the storage industry in NYC for over 30 years. If you are looking for the best storage in New York City, you found it!

For New Yorkers, By New Yorkers

New York is a unique animal. No other city is quite like NYC, and living in the city that never sleeps comes with unique challenges. Moishe’s Self Storage understands what living in NYC is like, and we have tailored our self storage packages and services to help people who are living in the city find it both rewarding and practical.

We know that the city is a space-starved place. In fact, NYC residents have 2.5 square feet of living space per person, while the national average is 7 square feet per person. Moishe’s Self Storage is here to even the playing field.

Renting a 5 X 5 square foot storage unit can help you maximize the living space in your apartment by stashing away some of your infrequently used items. Storing your holiday decorations in your shower is not doing anything for the feng shui of your apartment. Our 5 X 5' units are designed to comfortably store all of your decorations, seasonal clothing and extra furniture.


Transportation the NYC Way

Don't deal with the headache of trying to transport all of your personal belongings on the subway. Rent a 5 X 10' storage unit with a three-month commitment and we will come to your apartment and pick up your personal belongings for free. We will have all of your items in one of our secure and climate-controlled storage facilities in a New York City minute. With Moishe’s, we make living in the city easy, that’s why we offer the best storage in New York City. Contact us today to reserve your unit!