Cheap Self Storage Near Me

When you’re in the market for cheap self storage near me, most people want the most affordable facility near them.  However, before you commit to storage at the cheapest place, consider what value you’re getting for your money.  At Moishe’s, you can rest assured that you’re storing your valuables at the facility with the best security features in the city.

The Real Value of Cheap Self Storage Near Me

Living in NYC, you’ll know that some neighborhoods are nice, others are not.  Unfortunately, at cheap self storage units near me here in the city, you never know who’ll show up next door to you to store their belongings.  Your typical cheap self storage place has issues with tenants who break in to other units, tenants who sleep in their storage unit; bedbug, cockroach and rat infestations and various criminal activities, to name a few.  To put it simply: how much money will you save if your storage unit is looted at night when security closes up shop at 7PM?

cheap storage units NYCWe utilize CCTV recording cameras in every hallway of our self storage facilities near me, the same technology banks use to prevent theft.

Moishe’s offers the latest in anti-theft devices in our facilities for your constant safety and the security of your belongings.  We use state-of-the-art burglar alarms, motion detectors, security checkpoints and the latest fire suppression technology.

Our Free Pick Up Services for the Greater NY Metro Area

If you live within the 5 boroughs, Moishe’s Self Storage offers you free pick up services for your belongings when you sign up to store with us for 3 months, up to a 5×10’ space.  Our team of experienced NYC relocation experts will drive one of our climate-controlled trucks to your home or office location, pick up, load and store your belongings at no extra cost.

Schedule a consultation with one of our account managers today, or feel free to stop in to one of our 5 convenient cheap self furniture storage near me locations.  With over 20 different unit sizes available, including customizable storage space, Moishe’s is sure to have the perfect fit for all your residential or commercial storage needs.


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